English for Life

Hi guys! I’m Alice, I’m Italian girl and I’m 24 years old.
I’m full of dreams! Dreams nourish our soul.
And my actually dream is to became an English native speaker.
I’m studying very hard for it!
Since I was young I understood that English was something special for me! I really can’t explain how I feel when I speak, read, listen etc..in English.
And now, it’s THE TIME! Time to make my dream came true! 😉
It doesn’t matter if after being an English speaker I don’t use it (I hope this will not happen), but now I really really really want to do that 😉
If I’m Alice, I don’t live in Wonderland, and I’m not mad like my friend Mad Hatter…MAYBE… 😀
Okay I think that I wrote too much 😀
Thanks, and sorry if I made some typos.
Have a nice day! 🙂


Same Kinda Man

I thought you were a real friend
But soon you put everything to an end
Hey please, you don’t have to pretend
Relationship is not a thing you can just amend
You could not realise that anything you might say could perhaps greatly offend
Words can be costly and make you repent
Or maybe hurting me so deeply was in fact what you did intend
Now nothing is left for me to defend
How I wish you could indeed understand
My anger is not allowed to vent
My fear is not ready to apprehend
I regret for placing my trust in your hands
You washed away my feelings like foot prints in the sand
We have become so distant
Yet I’m still missing the time we spent
For memories can surely torment
However I know without me you are very content
Don’t lie coz I’ve seen you enjoying each weekend
Ain’t it easy to break those who are already bent?
It’s hard to believe that you can go to such an extent
Don’t you worry though, coz I’ve learned to be independent
And It’s too late for broken ties to mend
Anyway whatever is going on in my mind is not what you can comprehend
I can’t stop the thoughts of you in my brain to blend
Even if you stemmed from nowhere and stepped onto my land,
From heaven, you are definitely not the one who has been sent
You are not the angel who I’ve waited to descend
But then I wonder if it was not you who God would recommend,
Why would my heart respond to your attempt?
Why would my eyes look for you to attend?
Eventually the truth is you are not at all worth a single word of my pen
You have always belonged to the same kind of man


Forbidden Love

More blood came from his mouth as Manny punched him. His gut ached and jaw was sore. Logan was used to getting beaten up. Mostly by his dad. Manny didn’t know. Logan didn’t care if Manny knew. Manny kneed Logan’s stomach and hit him across the face again. Manny picked Logan up by his neck and slammed him to the ground. Logan laid sprawled on the ground passed out. Blood trickled from his mouth. Manny looked at Logan and realized what he did. He picked Logan up and carried him to the hospital. He was starting to cry.
After a month:
Logan was back at school, he was as healthy as could be. Manny tried staying away from Logan but today he found himself walking to Logan. Logan looked at Manny and leaned back against his locker. When Manny had approached Logan didn’t know what to expect, but he was surprised at what Manny did. Manny lightly lifted Logan’s head so he was looking right at Manny. Manny kissed Logan. Everyone in the hallway watched as the big and muscular football player kiss the small and weak chess player. When Manny pulled away he whispered something that only Logan could hear. “Meet me after school. Behind the stadium. Please” And then Manny walked off. Logan was stunned, he walked to his last period with his head down and cheeks redder than ever before. Logan could barely concentrate and Manny just hoped that Logan would come.
After school:
Manny had waited for about an hour before Logan ran up behind him breathing hard. “Sorry…you had to…wait. Chess club…lasted longer than I…thought” Manny looked at Logan.
“You actually came.”
“Yeah. I wanted too know what you wanted… and why you kissed me of all people.” Manny was stunned. Logan didn’t seem scared, the first person not on the team. He smiled a little.
“I wanted to tell you I’m sorry. The kiss was one of the only ways I thought I could make it up too you and I have recently come too have feelings for you. Oh, wait, shoot. Ummm, forget that last bit.” Logan laughed. Not at Manny for admitting his feelings, or because he just made a fool of himself, no. It was because Logan thought it was cute how Manny was blushing and because he looked too darn cute at the moment. Manny thought Logan was laughing at him for being a fool and saying it out loud. “Well, have fun, I guess.” When Manny tried to walk away Logan ran to him.
“Where are you going?” He grabbed Manny’s hand.
“You’re laughing. I figured I should just go home and practice for tomorrow’s football game.”
“Oh, I laughed because you looked cute, blushing and hiding like that.” Manny looked at Logan. He was smiling, Logan was shorter than Manny, by about 6 inches.
“Can I kiss you?” Logan looked up at Manny.
“I want to kiss you and I want you to be mine. But I want to ask you if you’re okay with it.”
“Well ummm,” Logan looked down blushing hard and rubbed the back of his head. “Y-yeah. I would like that.” Manny was surprised at first then smiled and carefully picked up logan and kissed him. Logan put his arms over Mannys shoulders and kissed him back. Manny leaned back against the school. Logan pulled away after a few minutes and laid his head on Manny’s shoulder.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Logan wore one of Mannys jerseys during the game. Mannys team had won and Logan had stayed the night. They watched a movie and had a good night. For the first few weeks at school people stared. Not sure if Manny was playing a game or if he was dared. But eventually they got used too it. Manny and Logan stayed together all throughout high school and into their old age. They even married and adopted a few kids. And all was happily ever after.

If you know anyone who is in a same sex relationship, don’t judge them! Everybody deserves a chance. From the most muscled and biggest athlete to the weak and smallest chess player. They all deserve a chance at love.
Also, sorry for the long post and if its confusing I am also sorry for that. The words just spilled right out of me.


Life and Death

Life and Death

Once upon a time;
A beautiful creature was made;
Her skin as blue as the sky;
And eyes a green as the tree leaves;
Her hair as white as the snow;
And dress as bright as a sunflower;
Her name;
Was Life;
She created all the living things;
The plants;
The animals;
She even made humans;
One day she became lonely with just herself;
Another was created just for her;
His name;
Was Death;
His skin as pale as ashes;
Eyes as red as fire;
Robe as black as coal;
And hair as brown as decaying leaves;
He destroyed what she had made;
Killed her plants and animals;
Little by little they died;
But she still made more;
Her sad and lonely days;
Filled with happiness;
Until her precious humans;
Destroyed what she could not repair;
They destroyed and destroyed;
Until she was too weak to make more;
Death had fallen in love with her;
And with each missing piece of her creations;
There became less of her;
And once the last piece of her creation went away;
She became a pile of beautiful flowers;
That blew away in the wind;
Death became furious with the humans;
They stole away his perfect lover;
He made the magma inside her once beautiful world come up;
He flooded her land that once held meadows;
Nothing could stop him till they were all dead;
Once they were all gone;
He fell to his knees and wept for Life;
Everything went back to it’s home;
The water receded to the sea;
Magma went back the core of her world;
And death became alone;
After what seemed an eternity;
Death felt a light breeze pass him by;
And a light brighter than the sun;
When he looked over;
Life was standing there;
Death smiled and went to her;
He picked her up in his great arms;
And kissed her;
They both smiled;
And created a new world;
With no humans to destroy it;
And that’s the story;
Of Life and Death.

Hey guys hope ya liked! Its an original piece that surprisingly I made while I was half asleep! LOL. See you all around! Anime out!


The whale epidemic

Game…internet…whale… These were just simple words for me untill some time ago but now those words have a taken a huge turn and suddenly become deadly!
It sounds so normal right? But its a suicide game created by a guy named “Philipp Budeikin”. He’s an expelled psychology student in Russia.
He created this game where the player files all his information to go on a deadly ride for 50 days. In this time period an admin gives 50 task like standing on the edge of a buildings or bridges, watching horror movie at the 4 in the morning etc and by completing each task the admin tells you to put a cut on your hand. After 50 such cuts a whale is formed. By the time a player reaches this goal he’s so destroyed that he loses his mind and gets ready to even kill his own self as the 50th task. The creator says ” its a game to clear such idiots from our society”

The game appeared in Russia in 2013 after 16 deaths linking to this game the creator got arrested and was sentenced BUT the game was still on…
In Brazil 10 teens are in intensive care while 3 have lost their lives and 20 are identified playing… Not only this Argentina,Bulgaria, Chile,China,Colombia, Georgia, India, Italy, Kenya,Paraguay, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, United Nations, Uruguay and Venezuela have reports of cases linking to this game all of which have victims aged between 12-20…

In a survey I found that:
8 out of 10 people showed pity for the victims saying they are depressed and we can’t guess their mindset but they need help.
5 out of 10 people said that the creator is responsible for all of this as he has no right to play with the mind of such kids.
While 5 out of 10 said that its a person’s own responsibility to choose right from the wrong.

I only request all the people to stay far far away from such games , help others in need and share the awareness.
Thanks for reading and do let me know your opinion in the comments.


If only they listened

She was always the one in the back of the room;
The ‘quiet one’;
The ‘lonely one’;
The one nobody liked;
She knew what they thought of her;
She tried to ignore the comments;
The looks they gave her;
But she couldn’t;
They finally broke her;
She told her teachers and her few friends;
They laughed at her;
They thought it was a joke;
Nobody thought she was telling the truth;
Not even her mom;
Her dad didn’t care about her enough to listen;
She didn’t return to school the next day;
Her mom went up to her room;
Wondering why she hadn’t got up for school;
Her mom cried, called 911;
But even she knew it was too late;
If only they had listened;
If only they had cared;
There was only one that cared;
But she wasn’t even told until it was too late;
The girl had died;
She died alone;
Not knowing that someone did care;
Not realizing;
She disappeared;
Not to come back;
If only they listened.

Sorry for the sad story! I try not to be depressing but it happens sometimes. Listen, if someone tells you that they are going to kill themselves, listen to them. Stop them. Stop them before its too late. Please.