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Hi ECians!

Thanks for being a part of this community!

EC is glad, you are the one who makes this lovely community so successful!

So far, we were chatting for learning, practicing, improving English and to make some friends in decent chat environment at English Chats. Going forward, now at this page we can also express English with same objectives (learning, practicing, improving, teaching, and helping others to learn English) by reading and writing articles, poems, jokes, and most importantly being completely free to express.

So, here we go, apart from Chat at English Chats we will express here at Express English.

This page is a gift to English Chats Community for this site’s second birth day!

So, are you ready to express ?

If you are the one who doesn’t want to write then don’t feel like you can’t write anything, if you can chat, you can write too! If you feel you may not write perfect then consider it, as if you are chatting only, in offline mode! Write down your expression and if there is any mistake moderators will take care of it before your post gets published.

This site is completely devoted to the people who loves reading, writing or discussing topics or who wants to be engaged with language English or who loves to be with this community. It’s truly about OWN or ORIGINAL writing (composition) so that you can fulfill the objectives. Copied material will not be entertained such posts will be rejected to get published.

If you feel to write but can’t understand how to start then we will help you here. Assume you want to write about some memories about this site then just start with ‘how you came to know about this site’ ‘how often you started being here’ ‘whom you interacted at first’ ‘whom you love to tease’ ‘whom you like’ ‘how do you feel here’ ‘what is your memorable incident here’ and many more such things !

Just follow three rules : Don’t use abusive or religious issue. Don’t insult anyone (you may tease your friends in your story but no insult to anyone). Get only your own writing.

While getting active here, you may be asked to put your email id, that is not mandatory so that you could express freely, however if you provide your email id you will get updates through mail if someone replies your comments or posts. This site never share anyone’s email id to any third person.

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