If only they listened

She was always the one in the back of the room;
The ‘quiet one’;
The ‘lonely one’;
The one nobody liked;
She knew what they thought of her;
She tried to ignore the comments;
The looks they gave her;
But she couldn’t;
They finally broke her;
She told her teachers and her few friends;
They laughed at her;
They thought it was a joke;
Nobody thought she was telling the truth;
Not even her mom;
Her dad didn’t care about her enough to listen;
She didn’t return to school the next day;
Her mom went up to her room;
Wondering why she hadn’t got up for school;
Her mom cried, called 911;
But even she knew it was too late;
If only they had listened;
If only they had cared;
There was only one that cared;
But she wasn’t even told until it was too late;
The girl had died;
She died alone;
Not knowing that someone did care;
Not realizing;
She disappeared;
Not to come back;
If only they listened.

Sorry for the sad story! I try not to be depressing but it happens sometimes. Listen, if someone tells you that they are going to kill themselves, listen to them. Stop them. Stop them before its too late. Please.

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  1. Sad Story!!

    People need care and love we must be really very much attentive.. at the same time we must let those people know that life has ups and downs .. if the day is hurting that is not going to last for long time.. we can get many alternative .. we must be practical not damn emotional..

    Nice one from you.. thanks !

  2. It was simple, which is wonderful as a message like this should be flexible so that many people can understand it... Great job!
    And there's nothing wrong in writing something sad. Its even good that you can feel the pain of others and want to help them:)

  3. This is sad, few days ago a pharmacist student committed suicide and it was a big shock for everyone. He tried to end his life many times and his father didn't care. The problem is that he was a talented writer... what a pity!
    Thank you. Blue/Blackmatta


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