Breaking Bonds

The biggest star is lighting up the immense sky with its shining colour this morning, even though it is winter…

And, moreover, the sunlight pass through my window brighten up my bedroom…

I am listening to music, but in the background, I can hear the sound of a gusty wind blowing the branches of a big tree, too.

I turn off the mp3 player and that sound becomes stronger… I close my eyes letting myself getting immersed in the noise that has turned, somehow, into music to my ears.

And, I can feel it… I can feel the strong breeze shaking my body like if I were that tree, making myself trembling of happiness, making me feel alive.

I know that once I open my eyes four walls will be surrounding me… however, I am still daydreaming and I fancy being that tree that is at a short distance… I want to be like that tree… so firm, facing the adversities… Sensing the blast, feeling the sunshine.

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  1. Very well!! The way you describe a place is wonderful. I can feel the elements of nature you describe around me:) Please Keep writing . we would love to read more from you:))

  2. When I read this I can feel what your describing and see what your writing. In stories the words aren't really words. Each word, each letter even, is a piece of art that should be shared with the rest of the world. That is what gives you the good feeling from reading it. There are many ways to interpret stories, because its a piece of art. Long story short, I loved it Lubna. Keep up the good work. -AF


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