Forbidden Love

More blood came from his mouth as Manny punched him. His gut ached and jaw was sore. Logan was used to getting beaten up. Mostly by his dad. Manny didn’t know. Logan didn’t care if Manny knew. Manny kneed Logan’s stomach and hit him across the face again. Manny picked Logan up by his neck and slammed him to the ground. Logan laid sprawled on the ground passed out. Blood trickled from his mouth. Manny looked at Logan and realized what he did. He picked Logan up and carried him to the hospital. He was starting to cry.
After a month:
Logan was back at school, he was as healthy as could be. Manny tried staying away from Logan but today he found himself walking to Logan. Logan looked at Manny and leaned back against his locker. When Manny had approached Logan didn’t know what to expect, but he was surprised at what Manny did. Manny lightly lifted Logan’s head so he was looking right at Manny. Manny kissed Logan. Everyone in the hallway watched as the big and muscular football player kiss the small and weak chess player. When Manny pulled away he whispered something that only Logan could hear. “Meet me after school. Behind the stadium. Please” And then Manny walked off. Logan was stunned, he walked to his last period with his head down and cheeks redder than ever before. Logan could barely concentrate and Manny just hoped that Logan would come.
After school:
Manny had waited for about an hour before Logan ran up behind him breathing hard. “Sorry…you had to…wait. Chess club…lasted longer than I…thought” Manny looked at Logan.
“You actually came.”
“Yeah. I wanted too know what you wanted… and why you kissed me of all people.” Manny was stunned. Logan didn’t seem scared, the first person not on the team. He smiled a little.
“I wanted to tell you I’m sorry. The kiss was one of the only ways I thought I could make it up too you and I have recently come too have feelings for you. Oh, wait, shoot. Ummm, forget that last bit.” Logan laughed. Not at Manny for admitting his feelings, or because he just made a fool of himself, no. It was because Logan thought it was cute how Manny was blushing and because he looked too darn cute at the moment. Manny thought Logan was laughing at him for being a fool and saying it out loud. “Well, have fun, I guess.” When Manny tried to walk away Logan ran to him.
“Where are you going?” He grabbed Manny’s hand.
“You’re laughing. I figured I should just go home and practice for tomorrow’s football game.”
“Oh, I laughed because you looked cute, blushing and hiding like that.” Manny looked at Logan. He was smiling, Logan was shorter than Manny, by about 6 inches.
“Can I kiss you?” Logan looked up at Manny.
“I want to kiss you and I want you to be mine. But I want to ask you if you’re okay with it.”
“Well ummm,” Logan looked down blushing hard and rubbed the back of his head. “Y-yeah. I would like that.” Manny was surprised at first then smiled and carefully picked up logan and kissed him. Logan put his arms over Mannys shoulders and kissed him back. Manny leaned back against the school. Logan pulled away after a few minutes and laid his head on Manny’s shoulder.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Logan wore one of Mannys jerseys during the game. Mannys team had won and Logan had stayed the night. They watched a movie and had a good night. For the first few weeks at school people stared. Not sure if Manny was playing a game or if he was dared. But eventually they got used too it. Manny and Logan stayed together all throughout high school and into their old age. They even married and adopted a few kids. And all was happily ever after.

If you know anyone who is in a same sex relationship, don’t judge them! Everybody deserves a chance. From the most muscled and biggest athlete to the weak and smallest chess player. They all deserve a chance at love.
Also, sorry for the long post and if its confusing I am also sorry for that. The words just spilled right out of me.

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