Forbidden Love

More blood came from his mouth as Manny punched him. His gut ached and jaw was sore. Logan was used to getting beaten up. Mostly by his dad. Manny didn’t know. Logan didn’t care if Manny knew. Manny kneed Logan’s stomach and hit him across the face again. Manny picked Logan up by his neck and slammed him to the ground. Logan laid sprawled on the ground passed out. Blood trickled from his mouth. Manny looked at Logan and realized what he did. He picked Logan up and carried him to the hospital. He was starting to cry.
After a month:
Logan was back at school, he was as healthy as could be. Manny tried staying away from Logan but today he found himself walking to Logan. Logan looked at Manny and leaned back against his locker. When Manny had approached Logan didn’t know what to expect, but he was surprised at what Manny did. Manny lightly lifted Logan’s head so he was looking right at Manny. Manny kissed Logan. Everyone in the hallway watched as the big and muscular football player kiss the small and weak chess player. When Manny pulled away he whispered something that only Logan could hear. “Meet me after school. Behind the stadium. Please” And then Manny walked off. Logan was stunned, he walked to his last period with his head down and cheeks redder than ever before. Logan could barely concentrate and Manny just hoped that Logan would come.
After school:
Manny had waited for about an hour before Logan ran up behind him breathing hard. “Sorry…you had to…wait. Chess club…lasted longer than I…thought” Manny looked at Logan.
“You actually came.”
“Yeah. I wanted too know what you wanted… and why you kissed me of all people.” Manny was stunned. Logan didn’t seem scared, the first person not on the team. He smiled a little.
“I wanted to tell you I’m sorry. The kiss was one of the only ways I thought I could make it up too you and I have recently come too have feelings for you. Oh, wait, shoot. Ummm, forget that last bit.” Logan laughed. Not at Manny for admitting his feelings, or because he just made a fool of himself, no. It was because Logan thought it was cute how Manny was blushing and because he looked too darn cute at the moment. Manny thought Logan was laughing at him for being a fool and saying it out loud. “Well, have fun, I guess.” When Manny tried to walk away Logan ran to him.
“Where are you going?” He grabbed Manny’s hand.
“You’re laughing. I figured I should just go home and practice for tomorrow’s football game.”
“Oh, I laughed because you looked cute, blushing and hiding like that.” Manny looked at Logan. He was smiling, Logan was shorter than Manny, by about 6 inches.
“Can I kiss you?” Logan looked up at Manny.
“I want to kiss you and I want you to be mine. But I want to ask you if you’re okay with it.”
“Well ummm,” Logan looked down blushing hard and rubbed the back of his head. “Y-yeah. I would like that.” Manny was surprised at first then smiled and carefully picked up logan and kissed him. Logan put his arms over Mannys shoulders and kissed him back. Manny leaned back against the school. Logan pulled away after a few minutes and laid his head on Manny’s shoulder.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Logan wore one of Mannys jerseys during the game. Mannys team had won and Logan had stayed the night. They watched a movie and had a good night. For the first few weeks at school people stared. Not sure if Manny was playing a game or if he was dared. But eventually they got used too it. Manny and Logan stayed together all throughout high school and into their old age. They even married and adopted a few kids. And all was happily ever after.

If you know anyone who is in a same sex relationship, don’t judge them! Everybody deserves a chance. From the most muscled and biggest athlete to the weak and smallest chess player. They all deserve a chance at love.
Also, sorry for the long post and if its confusing I am also sorry for that. The words just spilled right out of me.


I dont love her

She says she loves me. She watches me, not stalking on me. She urges me to love her again. She is my ex. I was an option to her. I refuse to be an option any further. Never again will she choose if she wants me nor I choose if I’ll date her. I AM DONE with her. She sends me love letters. She says she’ll cut again. I cant do this with her. I want to die. I don’t want to play cat and mouse. I can’t do this. I cry at night. she doesn’t listen. I’m done with her. DONE. she needs to move on. How can I tell her? please help me with this. I don’t wanna hurt her. but I want her to stop. How do I do this? Please help?


My first story in English

In the middle of the night, Tony was looking towards Lee while he was shaving his arm. He said: ”I see”. Louis looked at him in depression “what are you doing here?”. Louis said as he was pointing at him. “I’m spying on Lee” Tony said as he was lying on the ground. “You are pathetic!” Louis said as he shouted at him: “you were spying on your sister all the time wasting my time, and now you are spying on Lee! Why? Do you like his white hair?”. “It’s not your business” Tony said and to cut a long conversation they got into a fight, and suddenly, the elderly man showed up. “I see X too” The elderly man said. “Who the hell are you, ha?”, Louis said as he was pointing at him.

Of course this did not surprise the elderly man. He knew that this would probably be his reaction to an elderly poor strange man who has struggled a lot to find a home for himself. Then, the elderly man said “it was a horrible day to me, don’t make it worse. Once upon a time I …” suddenly, there was a strong storm and their conversation was lost in the wind. Tony said later on, after his voice became clear again: ” That’s what is X about”. The elderly man fainted into Louis’s arms. Louis carried him like a baby and said “what a poor guy”. Tony said “throw him into the floor”. Louis said “yes master”. A few days later, Tony and Louis were spying together on Lee near his house watching from the window. Tony thought: ” I know he is hiding something”. Louis thought, “why am I wasting my time here. Why?” Later, Lee got out of his house looking for someone to meet. He was calling on the phone and said “where are you?” Tony didn’t realize that Lee was talking to someone on the phone. He was frightened and his face went pale. On the other hand, Louis knew what was going on and he was laughing at Tony.

Later on, the elderly man woke up. He tried to get up, and a hand took his arm to help him. He looked at him. It was Lee. He said “How can I help you?” The elderly man said: “thanks”. Then, Lee disappeared. The elderly man walked across the street. It started to snow. On the other side of the street, there were Tony and Louis. They were walking until they reached their home. There was a noisy sound coming from their house. When Tony opened the door with his key, he saw a woman with yellow hair playing Minecraft on his computer. Tony was shocked. The woman didn’t notice them because she was screaming while she was playing. Tony said “who are you?” She then ran out of the back door of the house in no time. Tony shut down the computer then lied on the couch and Louis lied in his bed. They then both fell asleep. Tony likes sleeping on the couch for some reason.

However, Tony and Louis left the back door open. It was in the middle of the night. In the meantime, in the other place, Ana was playing Minecraft on the computer she shared with her sister. Her sister was waiting for her to finish. Her name was Nina. She was that woman with yellow hair who escaped from Tony’s house. In the next morning, the two sisters started to fight with each other in the garden. “Stop it!” a voice said behind them. It was Jen. “The two sisters fighting with each other as usual. What a shame!” Three days before, Jen was having a fight with his brother. Both of them were running blood. His brother was kasoia. Back to the present, Nina and Ana continued fighting. At the same time, Lars was washing dishes in Mashima’s home. He never complained about his work. He was satisfied. He was singing the song that he sang so often. “Am I evil? Yes I am.” However, someone was in the same room and he heard him whistling and singing to himself. After that, no one knew what happened to Lars. Lars is now a dead man. Was he a true man? Some people say that he didn’t die because of his bad singing. He died because the author wanted him to die, but other people say that be didn’t find love, so he committed suicide. This is the end of the midnight story; more stories will be written soon!



Among the strangers was a little man, who turned towards me and asked:
” Have you ever had an unusual experience?”
And I promptly answered, ” Yes, indeed. It was the most strange experience I’ve ever had.”
The others looked curious about my “experience”, and begged me to elaborate it.
I coughed once to clear my throat and began.
” A few days ago, I had just shifted here, Springfield, in a sort of broken down apartment.” And they nodded with abundant interest.

I continued, ” There are three extraordinary and remarkable things about my story. When I’d moved there, to my astonishment, there appeared to be a face on the wall seemed to glare at me .” They frowned, surprised as well. I was savouring the moment.

“Strangely, I instantly recognized the face as my pal, my chap, Jeffery Woods. He’d left contact with me a long time ago, perhaps he was dead. I tried to phone him, and then….”, I stopped.

“…and then?”, the men gasped. I thought for a moment and continued.
“…and then I was reported that he had, indeed, passed away a few months ago. This frightened me to the maximum and I had a bad attack of influenza. The face still stared at me with hollow eyes. And a few hours later, it faded away. It was as if the face , my late-friend, was determined to inform me of his death. Isn’t it extraordinary?”, I waited for their reply.

“Yes, it is!”, one of them answered.
“But,” asked another, ” what are the three unusual things there?”

I prepared myself to give away the secret. Yes, it was time.

“First thing: There was a face embedded on the wall.
Second: I knew the face and it informed me of the death.”, I stopped short and rose up to leave the room of the hotel I was in.

They held my hand, ” And the third?”, they said.

“The third, is that I just made up the story half an hour ago. You’re fooled. Goodbye!”
And then I fled.


Book Idea

New York, New York. June 21, 2020. He just sat there looking down, listening to his music. His friend sat next too him, but I didn’t care about his friend. All I cared about was the guy. He looked familiar but I wasn’t sure why. The train I was on stopped, his friend stood up and tapped his shoulder. He looked up at his friend and his friend whispered something to him. I couldn’t hear what he said, but I didn’t care. His friend got off the train and the doors closed. Once the train started moving the guy turned off his music and took out his earbuds. I looked out the window behind me waiting for the train to stop and I get off. Someone had tapped my shoulder and i gave a small jump. When I had turned to see who was beside me, I was surprised at who I saw.
I looked to see if the guy was still sitting across from me, he wasn’t, then it all came together. I looked back at the guy beside me. His eyes as black as his soul, hair as red as flame. The tips of his hair was as black of his eyes were. He was wearing a black short sleeved shirt with a skull on the middle. He wore jeans that were faded out and black tennis shoes that looked fairly new. His name, Nick. How do I know him? We tried to kill each other once. Then we became friends.
Compared to him being 6 feet 8 inches, I’m only 6 feet 5 inches. My eyes were also black, but my hair is as blue as water. I wore a red hoodie over my black shirt. My jeans weren’t as faded as his but they were close to his jeans. His build is more muscular, he needed more strength than I did. I only needed a sword, whereas he fought with fists and knives. My build is more athletic.
“What the hell Stevie? I thought I told you to not to come here.” Yeah my name’s Stevie. Also, he did tell me not to come here. You may be wondering where here is. Here is Earth, we don’t come to Earth often, only when we need a break. It’s dangerous here, humans try killing us, if they find out our secret. That’s why he told me not to come. We never come in groups, usually only one person comes at a time.
“I’m sorry Nick, but since when did you tell me what to do?” I smirked at him. He looked really mad at me. “What did I make you mad?” Nick lifted his hand like he was going to hit me. It was balled into a fist, I was used to him hitting me. We used to fight all the time, and we never held back, it was always fun. My smile never faltered, not once did I flinch, nor did I look scared. He put down his fist and looked down.
“Why did you come? You know how dangerous it is here, how hard it is for us to fit in.” He looked at me then the train doors opened. I stood up and looked at him.
“I have to get off here. Come if you want, this is your only chance.” I reached back and grabbed my bag. He stood up and we walked out together. When we got out of the station, he grabbed my hand. I looked down but didn’t mind. I then looked up at his face, he looked a little fearful. “You’ve never been through here have you?” He shook his head, “Don’t worry, nobody pays attention to who’s around them, especially at this hour. I’ve gone through here a lot. I mean I’ve been on Earth for about six months now”
He looked mad again, as I had expected. “Six months!? How the hell have you been here six months? I’ve been here seven months. You left a month after me and I didn’t know?”
“I’ll explain when we get to my house. We can’t risk someone overhearing. Plus I have some questions for you myself.” I tighten my grip on his hand and we walked the two blocks to my house. It only took us five minutes. Nick watches me the whole time as I get under my porch mat and grab the key to my house. I unlock the door and open it, “Sorry it’s kinda a mess. I wasn’t expecting a guest.” When we walked in I turned on the light to the living room. It’s a relatively normal sized house. There was a hallway to the left with four rooms. The first two are bed rooms, the third is a bathroom. The last room is a kitchen. There is a small garage on the opposite side of the hallway. I don’t own a car, only a bike. There is a small yard in the back, a little area in the front. A driveway leads into the garage, I don’t use the driveway, and the garage has my bike and some storage in it.
“Well it’s not like I called you up and said, ‘hey let’s meet on the train and go to your house.’” He rolls his eyes and I give a small laugh. He tries to hide his smile, but fails to do so. “I missed you. I thought of you everyday. I actually thought you would listen to me.” There was a long silence between us. He looked away and down. I just looked at my wall, the pictures on it. He yawned, “How late is it? It’s gotta be like midnight right now.”
“Yeah, gotta be.” I smiled and checked my phone. Only 10:30? That’s odd. “Not midnight. It’s only 10:30. I’m going to go to bed though, I have to be at work by 8:00 A.M. First door on the right is a guest bedroom. You can have it, no one ever comes to my place. I’ll be in the room to the right. Only come in there if it’s a dire emergency. Goodnight Nick” I walked to my room and closed the door.
“Night Stevie” he said it just loud enough for me to hear in my room. He went in the guest room and closed the door softly.



An Escape

Nature Imagination
An Escape

An Escape

Frustrated from the agony of life….

I slowly closed my eyes but, it’s more like opening the eyes to a place where I am bringing myself, standing in the middle of a pathway bordered by Bermudagrass, very freshly bathed with dew drops which were decorating and shining like pearls on the green. The charming trees with most amazing canopies of orange and red are making the scene more alluring. The temperature is sweetly cold but I can feel the warm embrace of my favorite sun. I can smell the perfume of this environment, the emerging petrichor from the soil, the most pleasing natural scent which always makes me to inhale it greedily. It is so relaxing to me.

On the trees, in their nests, birds are watching me as if a new guest has arrived and they are chirping their best melodies. Air, with its happiest spirit is touching my skin like it wants to feel me. At some distance a big Sakura tree is calling me towards itself like a long lost friend. I ran like a kid towards her and she showered her white and pink flower on me when I looked up towards her and, there is my favorite sun watching me from behind the crown of my Sakura and smiling at me. He is rising higher and showing his power to me that how strong his rays are to burn me but at the same time he is hiding behind the clouds to protect me too.

I sat under the shade of Sakura to read something and nobody even dared to disturb me. They just kept watching me like, if they move or talk to me, I will leave the place and, they will become alone again. But this naughty sun doesn’t want to stop disturbing me as if he wants to play hide and seek with me. Well let him stay alone for the moment.huh!

Far away from a distance I can hear sound of running water, since everyone is quiet I can listen more clear. I stood, and followed the sound to see a beautiful flow of stream, ignoring the eyes of my favorite as he is angry and raising his power again. Now, I am standing near the stream with so many pebbles under my bare feet and stones at the banks. I tried to look at him to see if he is lowering his ego or not. But, he is not….With a sad heart , I sat on a stone where water was calm and steady and, put my feet in cool water that also seems so glad to sense my feet as I am.

So many cute, little and beautiful fishes in their colorful dresses and, with happy lips came to see me. I put my hands in the water to touch them but, they moved away with a fear. Soon they came again and kissed my palms and showed their pleasure. Hey! I can now see reflection of him in the water and look he is trying to touch me after cooling his rays by sending them to me through the water, so that it can’t hurt me much. I looked, he, behind me, in the reflection of us in the water. Now he is happy and smiling again. I also smiled and closed my eyes again to feel him but, he went away when I opened my eyes because it was just a dream……..



Story: ” Peril ”
(Inspired by my own dream)

Part 1

I am a photography teacher in Salford City College, Manchester.
Being a photographer I always loved travelling and capturing the beauty of nature. As the holidays began, I decided to find out the splendour of Lancashire with my brand new latest DSLR. It took me roughly an hour and some minutes to reach there. I had taken a delicious meal with a relaxing and casual atmosphere in “The Blue Mallard” then I headed for Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Far away from Preston, the most captivating thing about Lancashire was its serenity and natural beauty that compelled me to spend more time in this little town. I clicked so many photographs and met so many people. They were all so friendly and guided me to the way to Blackpool.
From its huge tower and beach to its amusement park nothing was changed and at the same time everything looked different since I last came here with my father when I was 8.
Ahh.. How time flies so quickly and guess what? you are always alone in the end.
With hands in my pocket I walked past the gigantic swings and rollercoaster ride where I could hear the screams of some adventurous blokes and beautiful young girls. I knew not one day my life will be exactly the same rollercoaster ride. I tried to remember those places where dad and I visited long long ago.
And ohh the Puppet Show.. I cannot tell you how much I liked it. It is sometimes not the places that inspire you but rather some memories linked to that place. I quickly opened my bag, took out the camera and clicked some photographs as to stare for long after returning to my apartment. The moment I turned around, a little girl came across my legs. She was about to fall down when I hold her instantly in my arms. Her name was Jane. She was a little fairy with small pointed nose and long brunette hair. She was there with her mum and daddy. I rose up introducing myself and stretching my hand to them. They introduced themself too. Off and on, Jane pestered her daddy to take her to the puppet show. I told them that their daughter is so lovely and that if they allow me to take Jane to the that show. Hesitatingly, they looked at each other and agreed.

Part 2

Oblivious to them, Jane and I did so much fun together. I told her some make-up stories as to arise her curiosity and interest about certain places. Just like the way dad did. She enjoyed my company and requested her father to stay one more day there. I stayed too, for her only. She loved being photographed and I loved being her photographer. Often she pointed some weird unattractive things to be clicked. Being a professional photographer I really admired her ability of seeing things differently unlike others.
Jane’s father Mr. Todd Speiwak was an Account Manager in Ireland and Emily was his Personal Secretary and later his second wife.
Mr. Speiwak loved her daughter so much as being the only child from his first wife who died in a car crash.
Nearly after the sunrise my cell phone beeped. It was a message from my friend who saw me there and wanted me to meet at the cafe. I excused them but when I got up Jane suddenly said, ” Can I go with you, Please?”
I told her to ask her parents first and when she did they gladly allowed her.
“But don’t go too far, Hon” her mother cried
“Don’t worry mum, I am not going to disappear like a genie” said she in the same tone.
I looked at them, Her proud daddy was smiling but his eyes were so red, May be because of his stressful job. I didn’t understand.

Part 3

My friend completed my whole trip of Lancashire by an unexpected visit surprise. And it was time for me to bade Goodbye to this little town and Jane forever.
By inserting key into the ignition lock, I left the city leaving new-born memories behind.
I almost reached my apartment when my phone rang with an unknown number

“Yes, Speaking?”

My mobile dropped. I lost my grip and most of all lost my conscious.
Oh my God! this must not be true. My ears must be fooling me or the damn person who phoned.

Jane D..dd.. Died? No no no no .. Oh God!!

Part 4

They say I killed Jane. Did I? Why do I kill her? and for what reason do I commit such atrocity? Would they believe me if I say, I didn’t? Would it be suffice if I tell them that i never killed an ant in my life?
I know sooner or later they are going to convince the jury to send me behind the bars. Help me Lord! I am defeated.
Living here would be dangerous for me and would put me into jeopardy so I mailed the Principal of Salford City College that I am taking one month leave due to some personal reason.
I locked the door, informed my neighbors I am leaving for Spain and also convinced them with a reasonable excuse of my departure.

But why I did? They never asked me to do. Why do they concern if I go to hell or to the prison? What was I literally doing? Making my alibi more believable that I was not there at the time of murder? But did I murder? Do I look like a murderer? Who knows! May be I am.

Last Part

The same night I gave someone a cash, came back to the apartment, told him to lock the door from outside. I handed over one of the duplicate keys and promised to give him half of the amount as soon as I get over this trouble and as soon as he opens the lock from outside when directed. This was my plan.

I was unable to afford a lawyer so I planned to prove myself innocent secretly by collecting proofs. I was miserable in my own house being careful not making a single sound so they cannot speculate my presence. My situation was more than worse. Sleep was far away from my eyes. I stayed awake so many nights for proving myself guilty. I phoned my eye-witnesses from an unregistered sim of a stranger in case of not getting caught. I used the bathroom and loo as less as possible for they may hear the water splashes and I’d get caught. I tried my best not to touch the walls and not to sit near it for they may find me and I’d get caught. At one point I started believing that I was the murderer and I should stop doing these foolish things and surrender to police. I was badly trapped. My world was getting fade. I would dream of being blind-folded and walking to the scaffold, I’d dream that my neck was fastened from rope and I am going inside the ditch with a crackling voice of my neck bones, I’d dream of horrible electric shocks and the lever being dragged by a black man, with his white teeth, smiling weirdly. I used to wake up from the immense brightness of his white teeth. I used to wake up seeing people who were pointing me out angrily in my dream. I dreamt all this in my cat-naps. I felt dejected. This won’t be an easy task defending myself to get out of the situation.

But I did. Making my every last effort of not dying in Manchester Prisons.

Finally, the day came which I feared the most.

One evening by 7:30 when I was writing some extra things in my notes, there started a constant knocking at my door and a voice of inserting something into a keyhole. With their every knock my heart skipped faster. When not answered, they started kicking the door vigorously. The door opened and one of them came near to me and said, ” You are under-arrest against the case of Jane Todd”
Hah! same typical line of recent my dreams.
They locked my hands without saying a single word. After some minutes I was in jail.

Luckily I was given a legal aid which meant I would be getting a public defender as my attorney. Things were getting smooth. I told everything to him along with the documents. He appreciated my work and assured me that I would be releasing soon for according to him I made that case quite simple without any complications.
Hearing started. I was taken to the witness box and the trial began. Both the lawyers tried hard for persuading the Judge in their favour along with some significant evidences. I was exhausted of all this unwanted drama of my life. The court was adjourned for lunch. I was back in the prison, Wishing and praying quietly if could get released. The trial started again and I was being cross-examined. Luck favoured me and the jury panel announced their verdict in my favour. I won, I did won the case. There was a big round of applause all around in the courtroom. I was happy, extremely happy. An unwelcome burden was released from my shoulders after a tiresome month. The clappings were getting fade and I saw those two sitting at the corner of a wooden bench. His wife rubbed his shoulder as to express her sympathy and support. He smiled.. but his eyes were so red, May be because of his stressful job. I didn’t understand.


Last Breath

It’s a story of two lovers, actually one, that somehow turned into two..we will see . It is said that if your heart is true and you have the desire to get something from your inner soul then even God will help you to get it. It’s tale of the time when there used to be king’s rule. There, kingdoms were used to be controlled by kings. Now here’s the story of unrequited love…

There was a kingdom ruled by a king who was supposed to be the most loyal and one of best kings who used to live with people like a normal human being not like a ruler. The king had a daughter . In his land, there was a blacksmith .The blacksmith had a son and both the princess and the boy were very dedicated to their works or studies. Time has passed and both grew up enough to go somewhere else for their further studies. Coincidentally, both took their admission to the same place outside the kingdom, another kingdom! They started their studies there and it was the first time the boy saw the princess(unaware that she is a princess). He was attracted to her, not only because she was gorgeous but because of her refined behavior, respect and studies. At the same time, she the princess was totally unknown to this fact that he was liking her much. As days passes by and since it was the end of first semester and soon a vacation time as they had their exams in next month.

On exam day,both have finished their exams and came out of the hall. He saw the king was there to see her, he was puzzled about who she really is, and when he learnt the truth that she is a princess he was shocked. He feels something for her and this could be love. He returned to his home after exam . He was like stuck in a situation like either he would pursue his feelings or not. So , He better thought to ask some advice from his friends and he’d tell all the matters to them. His friends advised him that he should tell everything to the princess whatever he feels for her, but how could he tell her? He was too scared that he would get punished by the king. If the princess said no then what? But his friends forced him to say it and not to fear, whatever would happen it would be good, just be positive. So he in place of talking face to face , thought to write a letter, and he did but later it happened exactly what he expected. The princess didn’t open the letter fully and without even seeing his name. She threw that letter and complained to her father about all that through a messenger.The king got angry and he restricted him from that university and told him not to return to his kingdom anymore. The girl tried to search for the boy who got the top score in exams, but she didn’t get any news about him. Unknown to her, the boy was ousted from the university.

Now the time has passed and the princess completed her studies . On the other side since the boy was restricted and couldn’t return home, with his ability and knowledge, he became the war strategy planner of the kingdom where the university was located.

Princess had to return but just that day , she received an information about the war between the two kingdoms and she was terrified and stuck at the present situation, it would be dangerous to live in the kingdom when there’s still war. So with a big risk , she decided come home and get out from this situation . But on her way through a secret passage , she was surrounded by troops of the enemy kingdom. The king planned to kidnap her to win the battle, the king has sent troops to capture her but the boy said this is a wrong way to win any war so he opposed. But the king had already ordered and he was not going to change his plan. The princess is the one whom the boy still loves. So , leaving the king , he went there to save her love and took the sword against the king’s men . He fought and fought endlessly to save her and send her home safely. He was surprised, “from where this power is coming”. Eventually he was severely injured as it was the last some breath for him. Meanwhile a message from the centre informing that the war has ended. Whereas he was just counting his last breath. At the same time such questions revolving on princess’s mind and so she asked “Who are you? and why did fight for me against your own soldiers ? The boy laughed, with a mass of blood dripping all over his body and he replied, “It was me who wrote that letter to you” and he took his last breath….


An unrevealed story about feelings

It is said to be a true story.
Some time ago, all the feelings that dwell in our hearts were trustworthy friends.
By that time, wickedness was a noble emotion. Even though it had a bad reputation, goodness was its best friend.
Solitude was happy because she was surrounded by a great deal of friends.

Envy was happy by itself.

Arrogance felt like dancing on its tiptoes.

One day, a new resident showed up. It was known as love. It was said that it was the most powerful, pure, and sublime feeling of all times.

It had such strength that new comer showed that goodness and wickedness got impressed. Definitely, love had an admirable mettle.

For some unknown reason, loneliness started to consider love as its enemy.

Envy couldn’t stand that amazing new sensation.

Arrogance started to think no one else could be better than itself.

As time went by, goodness and wickedness became enemies. Both of them were crazy about love. On the one hand, Goodness gave an unconditional dedication to its beloved. On the other hand, wickedness tried all was possible so as to capture that light belonging to its beloved.

Solitude rejected the company of love. No one knew why but solitude started to set distance to everyone.

Envy started to harbor resentment against love. That new, self-righteous state made itself green of fury.

In spite of the fact that rejection was difficult to handle, love decided to live there for a while. One night, it said to himself that it had given its best. It was too sensitive to live in a place where it was an undesirable guest. Without saying a word, love packed all its belongings and went away.

Next morning, wickedness decided to visit love´s home. Last night, he had made a decision. Love was such a foolish emotion that it would be easy to deceive it . Whatever it took, wickedness wanted to force love to hold its hand.

Later that day, goodness decided to buy a bunch of flowers. That would be a nice gift for its steadfast beloved.
Solitude spied on its enemy. When it realized of the absence of love, it returned to its loneliness attitude.

Arrogance was satisfied with the decision love had made. No one was able to keep up with itself.

Time wore on. One morning, goodness found a letter. It was from love. Goodness felt excited about it. Love had great news to tell about.

Fortunately, there was a new place for living. It was located far away from heart. His new whereabouts was in our soul. That was a great place to stay.

At first, goodness didn’t understand the meaning of that letter. Living in a new, far off place like soul could have been a wrong decision. Love was expected to stay in our heart . Love was absolutely confused.

Afterwards, goodness came down to Earth. Love had suffered a lot. There was no choice. He realized of what it had to do from now on.

In the night, love sent signals to goodness. A pair of wings were given. Goodness followed love´s way. Life had a meaning being together.

Envy, arrogance, wickedness are still occupants in our hearts. That is the only place where they are able to inhabit.

Luckily, love and goodness are an invincible couple. That is the reason why the most majestic sentiments come from our soul…


Somebody, Anybody, Nobody and Everybody

It’s a story about Somebody , Anybody, Nobody and Everybody.
Once there was an important work to be done and Everybody was sure that somebody would do that. Anybody could have done the job but Nobody did it.
So Somebody got angry because Nobody did it but it was Everybody’s job.
At last, it ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.