Same Kinda Man

I thought you were a real friend
But soon you put everything to an end
Hey please, you don’t have to pretend
Relationship is not a thing you can just amend
You could not realise that anything you might say could perhaps greatly offend
Words can be costly and make you repent
Or maybe hurting me so deeply was in fact what you did intend
Now nothing is left for me to defend
How I wish you could indeed understand
My anger is not allowed to vent
My fear is not ready to apprehend
I regret for placing my trust in your hands
You washed away my feelings like foot prints in the sand
We have become so distant
Yet I’m still missing the time we spent
For memories can surely torment
However I know without me you are very content
Don’t lie coz I’ve seen you enjoying each weekend
Ain’t it easy to break those who are already bent?
It’s hard to believe that you can go to such an extent
Don’t you worry though, coz I’ve learned to be independent
And It’s too late for broken ties to mend
Anyway whatever is going on in my mind is not what you can comprehend
I can’t stop the thoughts of you in my brain to blend
Even if you stemmed from nowhere and stepped onto my land,
From heaven, you are definitely not the one who has been sent
You are not the angel who I’ve waited to descend
But then I wonder if it was not you who God would recommend,
Why would my heart respond to your attempt?
Why would my eyes look for you to attend?
Eventually the truth is you are not at all worth a single word of my pen
You have always belonged to the same kind of man

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  1. Wow ! after a long time of waiting could hear something from Angela !!

    This one seems to be full of anger, disappointment and regret, seems to be a story of someone.. I felt sad of reading it, I wish if I had a control on this story I could have change the things! But Alas!

    Since it is categorised under 'Express Memories' I take it as a real story and I hope there is not some strong misunderstanding, if there is something both should fix it like matured friends!

    Much appreciable writing !!


  2. Angela... no one can understand a woman like a woman. So I totally understand your feelings and I totally agree with you that all men are from the same kind and when they hurt us, they hurt deeply. It's not because we are weak, but because we are sensitive to a degree that leaves these injuries for a long time.. and we can't easily forget them. Thank you!


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