When I login to the chatroom today, I felt very boring here. No one was in the chatroom. My mind went to the past. I came to this chatroom in 2014 for the first time. It was very crowded chatroom in those days. I have got many lovely friends here. I cant mention them by names. There are a lot of lovely friends here and there was some persons who uses this room frequently, we enjoyed well but I think that old but gold chapter is over now. I couldn’t see those old friends for years in this room. I never think that I will miss them but it happened. Time changes everything in every seconds. We have to face about that change. My heart always expect that golden era again 🙂


You don’t know

You don’t know
rather no one know
I stood right behind you
when you prayed to God
To ask God not to give you what you ask for
but give much more what you Deserve
Yes you don’t know what you deserve
Let me say again
I yelled it again and again
to make you know what you don’t know
You are blind to my words
You are blind to notice you are in wrong path
where your destination can never yield you happiness
Widen your pupil and give a thorough look
this is not the destination you wished to arrive
I go through all the chapters to be
my best to care for you and your baby
though I am not your gynaecologist
nor i could do surgery
But this is all what I can do
see what you are going through now
I Wonder this could be you now and then
I give my head a hard blow to realise this is you
No its not you
He haunted you
Those are not the hands which can hold you firmly
for the rest of the life
I know its hard to give it a time
Believe in you and come back to you
You know that I cannot live without you
You know that you are my first love
You don’t know that I have the worlds best feeling of love only because of you
You don’t know none could love me more than Your love
You gave life to love with your words in my tiny heart
You were my pacemaker
You don’t know how slow my heart beats with an av node
You hold the key to dromotropic action
But if you take away presence too; my bundle fibres may not carry this life bundle
No I don’t say to stop yourself
No I tried all the ways to be away from you
but when thought comes you leave me I wail
When it seems you gonna suffer with this bad decision
my lacrimal apparatus lose control
it becomes hard to stop the shed
before I wipe I get caught in someone’s eye
I rouse suddenly out of sleep with a scream for you
and get scared and panic about your welfare
I don’t know how to show you this is not you
You may say who am I to depict you
but you don’t realise who were you
Yes this is not you
Yes you are changed
When will you realise this is not Right change
please do realise and change it back to the Right!


Same Kinda Man

I thought you were a real friend
But soon you put everything to an end
Hey please, you don’t have to pretend
Relationship is not a thing you can just amend
You could not realise that anything you might say could perhaps greatly offend
Words can be costly and make you repent
Or maybe hurting me so deeply was in fact what you did intend
Now nothing is left for me to defend
How I wish you could indeed understand
My anger is not allowed to vent
My fear is not ready to apprehend
I regret for placing my trust in your hands
You washed away my feelings like foot prints in the sand
We have become so distant
Yet I’m still missing the time we spent
For memories can surely torment
However I know without me you are very content
Don’t lie coz I’ve seen you enjoying each weekend
Ain’t it easy to break those who are already bent?
It’s hard to believe that you can go to such an extent
Don’t you worry though, coz I’ve learned to be independent
And It’s too late for broken ties to mend
Anyway whatever is going on in my mind is not what you can comprehend
I can’t stop the thoughts of you in my brain to blend
Even if you stemmed from nowhere and stepped onto my land,
From heaven, you are definitely not the one who has been sent
You are not the angel who I’ve waited to descend
But then I wonder if it was not you who God would recommend,
Why would my heart respond to your attempt?
Why would my eyes look for you to attend?
Eventually the truth is you are not at all worth a single word of my pen
You have always belonged to the same kind of man


4 years

Welcome Back to me 😉

Yeah, 4 years passed and yesterday was EC birthday(4th). Happy Belated Birthday EnglishChats. I couldn’t come for the birthday, sorry about that. I do miss you. I wish EC last long and the ECians are together as a family no matter where we are 🙂


p/s : Congrats for all the winners 😉


Back in time

If only, ‘things’ were as they have always been
Life as I could never have imagined
For, no one can ignore their origin
Their simple way of doing everything
So unique among different upbringings
As today, desperate for the same need
Thin and sweet magical feelings
Once attached to those special and natural rings
Forever hidden in every dream of garden green
The visiting hope of reviving
The old scent of jasmines
With little joy of screams
Savouring time on ice creams
Even in those streets tearing famine
Nothing could be that amazing
Knowing how young hearts could sing
Just words that will turn into belief
For some day, when we all shall become kings and queens
We will forget our lost souls’ esteem
Missing those true blessings


When I was a child I had an accident . I mean a bus accident. I was trying to cross the road and I missed to notice that the bus approached from my right. All I could remember is I was down and people were trying to carry me. Fortunately I had only minor injuries like few stiches in my thighs but I still remember it as if it happened on yesterday.


The lost Memory

The Lost Memories

Hey everyone!

This is my first writing. And I hope you will enjoy reading it.
I always wanted to write something from the time I came to know about Express English.
But, I had no idea what to write about. I tried many times to write about something, even I got many topics but couldn’t express well. But one day! I was thinking about social sites and then I got this idea, actually it’s a real life incidence and it’s kind of funny.
It’s a long story that I will try to express in short.
So, the story starts with a facebook request.

Last year I got a facebook request from someone unknown. I checked the notification and read his name and checked his profile picture too. He was looking familiar but his name was new to me. I was very sure that he was a stranger. Also we had no mutual friends. So, I just ignored him for that moment and logged out from facebook with a question in my mind, and the question was….”Why he looks familiar??” But my brain won over my heart and I ignored this question.

Later- after some days
I logged again into my account to check the news feed and new notifications. I saw him again and for a moment I decided to text him to ask who is he, but stopped, I don’t know why! And logged out ignoring his pending request again. Days, weeks and months passed in this way and I did not accept his request. Even he never texted me anything in this whole time. But god never wanted to end this story here.

One day I was using WhatsApp. To my surprise I was added in a group with many numbers. All the numbers were new to me. There were 10 members including me. They all shouted my name and I was in surprise. “Who are these people?” Soon I realized they all were my 10 year long lost friends and it was a get together on What’sApp. I was feeling sooooooo happppppppyyyyyyyy!!!! That I found all my childhood friends that day. I had lost all of them because I had to change my school and I got busy in my life with all the memories of past.
It was a great surprise.
I started saving their numbers and I stopped at a name. I checked his profile picture and he was the same guy from facebook.
I was confused. I remembered all of them but not him. Was he in my batch? Why I don’t remember his name?
All these questions were dancing in my head. So, finally I texted him personally.
I asked him all the questions and I was saying to him, No! you were not in our batch. How come I don’t remember you?
Then he told about everything that he knew about me in the school. He was trying to give proofs but I was feeling like a fool. How can this happen? How can I forget someone?
He told me to check the group picture of our class and his location in the picture. I searched for my old things and saw the picture and yes! He was there but he has changed very much. He told me that he was very shy and never talked to me in the class and had joined in the last year that I spent with all them.
But there were many others who had joined that year. I remembered all of them then why not him??
We met after ten years after that photograph was clicked and I have only one memory of him being in my batch…The group photograph…
I scraped my past many times and till today I can’t remember anything about him. But he says we were together for a year. He is right…We were.

Now, I am making new memories with my friend. He lives in another city now. We haven’t met yet outside internet. He has promised to come to my city . We both are waiting to see each other. We are best friends now. He sometimes teases me that I forgot him but then laughs and says it’s OK. Don’t worry .When he says this I try to remember that year again but fail again and again.
I wish that my memories come back someday.
Will they!?!?


I Miss you My Little Bro

I love you and I wish you were at home,
It hurts me to think you’re so alone!
It’s not the same without you here,
Why you did what you did are still unclear!

I remember when we were little and we played in the Garden,
Then we’d go sit inside and play games.
You’d look at me and smile,
Your smile used to stretch a mile.

When I had a bad day you were the only one who could make me laugh,
It’s like you were my other half!
It hurts me to see what your going through,
It hurts even more because there’s nothing I can do!

I just wish I could make it all ok,
But all I can do is pray!
I pray for you every night before I go to sleep,
And every time I think I hear you creep!

Sometimes its like you’re still here,
I look at the door and wait for you to appear!
Then I realize you’re not home,
And I go back feeling so alone!

I love you so much you just don’t know,
No matter what you’ll always be my little bro.



Lets find out the moment
The moment which we used to care
The moment which we used to share
The moment which we missed!!

How sweet was that moment
That I found for me, only With you
Of which every second was true
The moment which we missed!!

Sorrows or happiness which we shared
To care all of them who always cared
How unlucky I am today
The moment which I missed!!

That was true love and friendship
Which I found in that trip
But couldn’t covert them for you
The moment which we missed!!

I want that time to back with same weather
So that once again we can live together
To enjoy those moments for ever
The moment which we missed!!