Life and Death

Life and Death

Once upon a time;
A beautiful creature was made;
Her skin as blue as the sky;
And eyes a green as the tree leaves;
Her hair as white as the snow;
And dress as bright as a sunflower;
Her name;
Was Life;
She created all the living things;
The plants;
The animals;
She even made humans;
One day she became lonely with just herself;
Another was created just for her;
His name;
Was Death;
His skin as pale as ashes;
Eyes as red as fire;
Robe as black as coal;
And hair as brown as decaying leaves;
He destroyed what she had made;
Killed her plants and animals;
Little by little they died;
But she still made more;
Her sad and lonely days;
Filled with happiness;
Until her precious humans;
Destroyed what she could not repair;
They destroyed and destroyed;
Until she was too weak to make more;
Death had fallen in love with her;
And with each missing piece of her creations;
There became less of her;
And once the last piece of her creation went away;
She became a pile of beautiful flowers;
That blew away in the wind;
Death became furious with the humans;
They stole away his perfect lover;
He made the magma inside her once beautiful world come up;
He flooded her land that once held meadows;
Nothing could stop him till they were all dead;
Once they were all gone;
He fell to his knees and wept for Life;
Everything went back to it’s home;
The water receded to the sea;
Magma went back the core of her world;
And death became alone;
After what seemed an eternity;
Death felt a light breeze pass him by;
And a light brighter than the sun;
When he looked over;
Life was standing there;
Death smiled and went to her;
He picked her up in his great arms;
And kissed her;
They both smiled;
And created a new world;
With no humans to destroy it;
And that’s the story;
Of Life and Death.

Hey guys hope ya liked! Its an original piece that surprisingly I made while I was half asleep! LOL. See you all around! Anime out!


If only they listened

She was always the one in the back of the room;
The ‘quiet one’;
The ‘lonely one’;
The one nobody liked;
She knew what they thought of her;
She tried to ignore the comments;
The looks they gave her;
But she couldn’t;
They finally broke her;
She told her teachers and her few friends;
They laughed at her;
They thought it was a joke;
Nobody thought she was telling the truth;
Not even her mom;
Her dad didn’t care about her enough to listen;
She didn’t return to school the next day;
Her mom went up to her room;
Wondering why she hadn’t got up for school;
Her mom cried, called 911;
But even she knew it was too late;
If only they had listened;
If only they had cared;
There was only one that cared;
But she wasn’t even told until it was too late;
The girl had died;
She died alone;
Not knowing that someone did care;
Not realizing;
She disappeared;
Not to come back;
If only they listened.

Sorry for the sad story! I try not to be depressing but it happens sometimes. Listen, if someone tells you that they are going to kill themselves, listen to them. Stop them. Stop them before its too late. Please.



If human world
Is a myth,
Then how will we succeed
In finding peace?

Stories are about
Wars and politics,
When did we lost
Our humanity?

You won’t need money
Or power to make an A.R.K,
Just take a step ahead
Trusting your heart.

Make an A.R.K


The One In The Bottle

They can’t see into mind
They can’t see the pain I have
They don’t know the hurt
They don’t know the smile is fake
They never pay attention
They never cared
I’m the only one that knows her
The one that’s hidden
The one that’s lost
The one who doesn’t know what to do
The one who stays in the shadows
To keep them happy
To keep them around
Shes the one who hurts
She feels the pain
She is
The One In The Bottle


She said “NO”

She said “no”
That should have been enough for you to know
She did not have to agree just because you bowed
Let her be like the beautiful flowers which on every morning glow
Give her enough space to grow
Please understand bro
Stop threatening her with your blows
Don’t stick to her everywhere and follow her shadow
It’s okay to feel low
But please don`t create a tragedy show
You can`t blame her for destroying your life as a tornado
It’s just your ego that is causing you to raise a row
Although you might think you can be her loyal beau
She has every right to pass you by without saying “hello”
Accept the fact that she is neither impressed with your title of CEO nor with your lavish bungalow
Oh Romeo, when your rage overflows like a volcano, you look just like a potato
Come on take it slow, It’s high time to let her go
What will you gain in blackmailing her with a photo?
You are only proving yourself as shallow
You claim you’re her hero yet your value to her is zero
She lost her rainbow a long time ago when you poisoned your love with the sting of a Scorpio
She can no longer hymn the sweet mellow tune you could hear on radio
She is so haunted, broken and hurt with you playing the macho
Don’t let bitterness in your vein flow
Don’t let your heart turn cold in snow
Throw your pride out of the window
Before it`s too late, I hope you realise and eat crow
And remember that in the end you shall reap as you sow


All those things I have never said

No one knows what has has happened to my love…
All of a sudden, he has just vanished, without leaving any trace
Even though I might have lost his affection for some unknown reason my heart still needs to convey
All those things I have never said

I need to find a way
Even when I am having a hard time tracing new routes
There must be a path reaching out my beloved’s heart
I will scream out loud until I get to express
All those things I have never said

It is a secret promise I will undertake
I will spell it out
Letter by letter, phrase by phrase
I promise I will do my best in order to reveal
All those things I have never said

There go my memories
Here come his tears
Two hearts are being kept in suspense
By all those things I have left unsaid

It does not matter how much time it takes
It does not matter where we are
All I know is tonight he will hear
All those things I have never said

As life is so short, I shouldn’t wait for more
It must happen tonight, without delay
Tonight, a million raindrops will tell
All those things I have never said…


My Life

I wonder
Why does people care about other people’s business
I wonder
Why people cannot stop talking about others
I wonder
Why did I become one of the subjects
I wonder
When should I reveal my secrets,
I have so many secrets,
I feel like bursting pain in my chest for
Keeping these secrets
I wonder
How am I going to get married
I wonder
my future husband will be able to accept my flaws or not
I wonder


Tell me about the sky

I am all ears, my dear boy
I wish you could let your emotions flow
Tonight, I would like to be your listener and your guesser
After all, life is so short for us to live
Without any further delay
Tell me about the sky, the moon and the stars

I mean it, baby
I am here, just because of you
I am longing for listening to your voice
Tell it to me in whispers
Tell it to me in silence
Just tell me about the sky, the moon and the stars

I am willing to discover what is hidden between the blue sky
For you, I would try to steal the moon
If you allow me, I would even try borrowing some stars
In order to lessen your never ending, sleepless nights

Tell me about your dreams
I will get a magic wand to come those dreams true
Tell me about your fears

I will find a way to erase each one of them from your mind

I need to hear it once more
Tell me about loving
Tell me my name makes you still tremble

Word by word, I am willing to decipher your mistery
You don’t need to explain it more
Please, baby
I wish you could just tell me about the sky, the moon and the stars…


Hear me out

Hear me out
Why do I need to shout?
To let go of your doubts
I know you`ve never been so proud
And I don`t wanna be loud

Please hear me out
Stop keeping your head up in the clouds
Have your feet on the ground
We belong to the same crowd !

Hear me out
Don`t turn away from me now
You can`t think that I`ve let you down
All this guilt gonna see me drown

Just hear me out
I`m so tired of trying to make you feel that I’m around
Everything is over, I would better leave to never be found
My heart aches like another forgotten victim of drought

If only for once, you could hear me out…
But I`ll pray that it rains again in the town
Hoping you listen carefully to how it sounds
And figure out what it was really all about