Lasting Love

One day a girl and a boy were playing, talking, and laughing while they were walking along the path which led them to a food shop. They seemed very happy with lives. It seemed they have never disappointed before. They were too young to understand that lives always have the dark side always. The elderly shopkeeper thought while he was looking at the boy and the girl who seemed like not being just a general friend. They were about twelve. They were a childhood lover. The elderly shopkeeper thought back to his younger days when had the same ages as the two children. He had never thought he would have the life as today. He was very happy with his life at the time. Playing and having parties with his friends was his favorite. He had never planned to have a good future life. Today he lives alone in a small food shop which is very old. He was waiting for his last day alone quietly. This is because he did not trust any ladies who came to his life and he was not serious about finding someone to love forever. All the ladies he had were just for fun. He had never expected true love. He never got it and he never gave it to anyone either because he did not have trust, sincerity, and understanding to any ladies. So, please let him know what can make the lasting love happen. The trust, sincerity and the understanding are the right answer?


All those things I have never said

No one knows what has has happened to my love…
All of a sudden, he has just vanished, without leaving any trace
Even though I might have lost his affection for some unknown reason my heart still needs to convey
All those things I have never said

I need to find a way
Even when I am having a hard time tracing new routes
There must be a path reaching out my beloved’s heart
I will scream out loud until I get to express
All those things I have never said

It is a secret promise I will undertake
I will spell it out
Letter by letter, phrase by phrase
I promise I will do my best in order to reveal
All those things I have never said

There go my memories
Here come his tears
Two hearts are being kept in suspense
By all those things I have left unsaid

It does not matter how much time it takes
It does not matter where we are
All I know is tonight he will hear
All those things I have never said

As life is so short, I shouldn’t wait for more
It must happen tonight, without delay
Tonight, a million raindrops will tell
All those things I have never said…


You cant forget me

You can’t forget me, remember me suddenly.
A woman who look like me passes in front of you one night
Whatever you do, you can’t forget me
A song plays the radio when it’s raining
You can’t forget me even you die
You can’t keep your word in your pocket,
Your words stick in one’s throat, you can’t talk
You can’t…


Kooch (departure)

My heart doesn’t get satisfied without staring at you
Don’t leave this neighborhood
Oh beautiful soul For God’s sake
Don’t leave this neighborhood .. (2x)

My heart doesn’t get satisfied without staring at you
Don’t leave this neighborhood
Oh beautiful soul For God’s sake
Don’t leave this neighborhood

My heart doesn’t get satisfied without staring at you
Don’t leave this neighborhood

Your pic has gotten printed
On my every color, song, musical note
Just the way Waris shah wrote the most famous story heer being in love

This love color has made me crazy
That I want to get colored in too
If love is a sacred river
I’m gonna be drowned in it too

People call, oh people call
People call me today’s Ranjha
Don’t leave this neighborhood
My heart doesn’t get satisfied without staring at you
Don’t leave this neighborhood

My days pass listening to your sweet sweet talks
Become my life/soul
My whole life is sacrificed for you

I will die
My soul will writhe
When u will open the closed window of love
My heart, oh my heart
My heart prays for this
Don’t leave this neighborhood

My heart doesn’t get satisfied without staring at you
Don’t leave this neighborhood (2x)

Oh beautiful soul For God’s sake
Don’t leave this neighborhood
My heart doesn’t get satisfied without staring at you
Don’t leave this neighborhood


Tell me about the sky

I am all ears, my dear boy
I wish you could let your emotions flow
Tonight, I would like to be your listener and your guesser
After all, life is so short for us to live
Without any further delay
Tell me about the sky, the moon and the stars

I mean it, baby
I am here, just because of you
I am longing for listening to your voice
Tell it to me in whispers
Tell it to me in silence
Just tell me about the sky, the moon and the stars

I am willing to discover what is hidden between the blue sky
For you, I would try to steal the moon
If you allow me, I would even try borrowing some stars
In order to lessen your never ending, sleepless nights

Tell me about your dreams
I will get a magic wand to come those dreams true
Tell me about your fears

I will find a way to erase each one of them from your mind

I need to hear it once more
Tell me about loving
Tell me my name makes you still tremble

Word by word, I am willing to decipher your mistery
You don’t need to explain it more
Please, baby
I wish you could just tell me about the sky, the moon and the stars…



Once there was a girl. She was studying at college and she fell in love with a handsome boy who was studying with her but she didn’t tell her friends about it. They felt it and decided to speak to the boy, the boy didn’t say anything and pretended as if he knew nothing. But girl didn’t stop loving him and was jealous whenever she saw him with others. She was doing a course in biology because she always wanted to get admission in some medical university. One day when she was coming after her class to her house it rained heavily, “rain! In January! ” she wondered. Her clothes were wet, rain was dripping from her clothes like running water. She arrived home and when she was putting out her clothes the phone rang. “oh it’s him!!. No it can’t be him! I can’t believe my eyes!”, she got excited. Yes! she answered. “it’s me, Baxti” I want to tell…… I love you and I think you love me too, let’s Go out, please! take one minute to think and answer, “he said. The girl was not able to speak and cried because her dreams were coming true, Yes, I agree, somehow she answered. Ok, I will phone later my love, said, the boy and put the phone down. “My love! My love! he called me his lover” the girl smiled. They met in class next day. The teacher was explaining lessons but two lovers were staring at each other without listening to teacher like Romeo and Juliet. The girl loved him so much that she called her friends BAXTI by mistake. They met everyday, they hugged and when they kissed, these lovers felt as if they were flying in the sky, were happy together, spoke over the phone all nights. But one day Girl felt that the boy wasn’t preparing enough for entering Medical university and girl thought that she was guilty for it. “He is on the phone with me every day, we go out, visit parks hence he has no time, Oh! I must split up with him, he should enter university, should study instead of being with me!” she thought. The boy called at night and girl didn’t answer. He tried about fifty times, sent messages. At the end girl answered. “Are you ok, where are you? Busy? Sleeping? Say a word , please”

“No, I’m ok.not sleeping. ”
-why you didn’t answer ?
-I didn’t want.I don’t love you anymore.
-what ? Are you joking? It’s not funny. Please don’t say bad things.
-it’s not joke.I hate you and I never loved. Just I played with you and now I don’t need you.
-no no no, it can’t be so. I love you so much my dear. Don’t make me cry. I can’t live without you. You are my life, my world, my breath, my everything, you know it very well my love!
-no it’s just puppy love. I love another boy and going out with him.
-ok. if it’s true we should meet and say these words looking into my eye, we should speak face to face.
– no I won’t.
-I don’t believe, then. You can’t meet with me because you still love me and you don’t have another boy.
-no you are wrong, don’t call me again. Find another girlfriend, you are good boy and any girl may love you.
-I don’t need girl except you. Why are you doing this to me? Have I made any mistake? Made you sad? I can’t love another, my heart is single and it’s only yours…..boy cried.
-Don’t cry for me please. I am not worth for your tears. I’m bad girl, bad., bad girl. BYE. ..
-No no don’t put the phone please ..said boy still crying.
The girl was crying hard too. “I’m sorry my love. I had to do it. You should study and you need time. If you are with me, you can’t do these things” girl said to herself after cutting the line. They both cried all night. Girl changed her number. Boy got tired of calling girl.

After a year they passed the entrance exam to get admission to medical university. To their happiness they both got into same university and were in one group. The girl was happy seeing her ex boyfriend achieved his aim and girl was still loving him. Her love was stronger than before. But boy hated her for the things she had done in the past. The boy didn’t know that the girl had wanted to help him and pretended as if she hadn’t loved.

“This cruel girl broke my heart, my feelings, my love. I won’t forgive her. I hate her”, the boy said angrily. The boy didn’t say a word to her even not a ‘Hello’ and found another girlfriend in same group and just wanted to make his ex girlfriend jealous. As he expected, his ex was angry, sad, jealous with it and she cried every day and couldn’t put up seeing her ex with another girl. She wanted to explain the things that she had done in the past and she was going to save her love.. But she couldn’t. Because the boy didn’t want to listen and said “it’s your another lie.”
The girl didn’t say a word after that but she still loved him and thought him every minute, in every breath, cried for him when she saw him with another girl. . .. ..

Yes! it’s my life, that girl is me. I still love that boy but I smile when I see him as if I have forgotten about him. Yes! Yes!. I’m smiling but inside I’m dying. I feel like burning when I see him with girls. it’s sooo hard to be together in one group when your hearts are far away. But on the other side, if he is happy with his girlfriend, I’m happy, too… I want him to be happy. It doesn’t matter where or with whom he is living, he is smiling that’s enough for me. Because I do love him more than of anyone can ever do. When I think the days we were together, I cry and want that to happen again. My love will never die. Since he is my first love will be last too. It’s true that a person has one heart and one true love , too.
I still love you my dear and cry for you.
If I’m born again, I will choose you again without thinking.If you can, come back to me again. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


I wanna stay

Babe, I aspire to find another reason to stay close in your life
I mean, I want my love to be irreplaceable for a little awhile
I wanna stay, my boy
I attempt to love you twice more
I am not talking about loving because you may be a perfect boy
As you know, no one is perfect, neither you nor me
I seek for loving you even twice than I do
So as not to let you go away from me
I wanna stay
Cause we both know everything makes sense when we are together
I wanna stay
so as to be your listener and your confidant too
I wanna stay
So that you may remember you are unconditionally able to rely on my feelings
I wanna stay a bit more
So as to claim for the way in which my heart has missed you
I wanna stay in order to whisper it to your ears
I wish I could talk softly today,tomorrow
I wish I could spend my time being with you ,as much as God gives us life …
I wanna stay
Cause you make each and every passing day
I wanna stay
Cause you are the most special person I have ever got
I wanna stay because you are a treasure I want to take care of
I wanna stay, babe
I wanna stay in your thoughts
I wanna stay in each of your heartbeats
I wanna stay
For not too long
I just wanna stay for a thousand eternal days more
I wanna stay over your body
I wanna go caressing your back, for good …
I wanna stay so as to explore your body a thousand times more and keep on making it mine …
I wanna stay
It doesn’t matter how long it may take
It doesn’t matter where this emotion may lead us to
What matters is that you are my everything
I wanna stay for ever
Let me stay within your heart, babe…



Tonight, each beat of my heart is trying to touch yours …
My love wants to compose you a song
So as to cover you with the best sentiments I own
In a sudden, my body starts dreaming of us
I wish I could guess everything
your eyes want me to know
Cause I feel there are things you are anxious about sharing
But , it seems words are not enough for you to express…

I know you think of us again and again
You and me should be together
without pressures, without restrictions…
Just a single moment would be enough to join us forever

Being together, love in itself will make everything possible
Cause I know neither the place nor the time
However my six senses get to feel us on the edge
I am able to perceive us dying in each other´s arms
Here and now, fate is planning to our future
I think it may occur in this very same moment , babe …

We´ll find an answer for each of our questions
I’ll talk to you by caressing; You´ll listen to me by kissing
You will learn to love inch by inch
In time, I will discover what makes your skin tingle
Tonight, your hand is trying to hold mine
I may think of a million terms
but none of them could explain what I am feeling inside
Let my sparkling stare talk to you
Let your body hold mine

Tonight, We both are so close
There is no excuse
There is nothing else to say …
Tonight is our first time together, in body and soul
Are you able to feel the same way about it ?
Truly, this seems to be the first night of our lifetimes, babe …



Not to know about you
Is like to have a never-ending journey
Not to meet you
is like to go through millions of labyrinths
from where my memories are not able to escape
Not to listen to your voice
Is to have a bad, eternal dream
Because your voice is what that makes me dream of us… Together!
Not to keep in touch with you
Is like to live in the darkest time
For ever and the ever more
To lose your trace
is like to walk in a dim light, far away places
To think about you
Is like to start asking to the stars why they sparkle
each passing night
To miss you
is like to scream in the middle of nowhere
To need your sweet company
Is like to require fresh air to survive by breathing
To call your name
is like to call my Guardian Angel to come
Truly, my dearest boy
To love you is the most sublime emotion
my heart has ever felt…