The whale epidemic

Game…internet…whale… These were just simple words for me untill some time ago but now those words have a taken a huge turn and suddenly become deadly!
It sounds so normal right? But its a suicide game created by a guy named “Philipp Budeikin”. He’s an expelled psychology student in Russia.
He created this game where the player files all his information to go on a deadly ride for 50 days. In this time period an admin gives 50 task like standing on the edge of a buildings or bridges, watching horror movie at the 4 in the morning etc and by completing each task the admin tells you to put a cut on your hand. After 50 such cuts a whale is formed. By the time a player reaches this goal he’s so destroyed that he loses his mind and gets ready to even kill his own self as the 50th task. The creator says ” its a game to clear such idiots from our society”

The game appeared in Russia in 2013 after 16 deaths linking to this game the creator got arrested and was sentenced BUT the game was still on…
In Brazil 10 teens are in intensive care while 3 have lost their lives and 20 are identified playing… Not only this Argentina,Bulgaria, Chile,China,Colombia, Georgia, India, Italy, Kenya,Paraguay, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, United Nations, Uruguay and Venezuela have reports of cases linking to this game all of which have victims aged between 12-20…

In a survey I found that:
8 out of 10 people showed pity for the victims saying they are depressed and we can’t guess their mindset but they need help.
5 out of 10 people said that the creator is responsible for all of this as he has no right to play with the mind of such kids.
While 5 out of 10 said that its a person’s own responsibility to choose right from the wrong.

I only request all the people to stay far far away from such games , help others in need and share the awareness.
Thanks for reading and do let me know your opinion in the comments.

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  1. Hi, Lubna. This is really useful information.
    I also heard about this, in the news, not long time ago. And, I am sorry about the young people who have been playing this kind of horrible game. It only makes me think deeply and say that we need to be more conscious of what's happening around us with our beloved ones and pay more attention to any signal of depression they might be facing.

    Keep on publishing
    I liked your post!

  2. I know people personally that have thought of suicide and have come close to it. I also know people that would joke about this game and call it a lie. I had no idea of such game and will now pay closer attention to people around me. I hope you do not know anybody that has played this. This is an excellent post, thank you for your information. Keep writing and informing us of this information. Your an excellent writer. -AF


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