The whale epidemic

Game…internet…whale… These were just simple words for me untill some time ago but now those words have a taken a huge turn and suddenly become deadly!
It sounds so normal right? But its a suicide game created by a guy named “Philipp Budeikin”. He’s an expelled psychology student in Russia.
He created this game where the player files all his information to go on a deadly ride for 50 days. In this time period an admin gives 50 task like standing on the edge of a buildings or bridges, watching horror movie at the 4 in the morning etc and by completing each task the admin tells you to put a cut on your hand. After 50 such cuts a whale is formed. By the time a player reaches this goal he’s so destroyed that he loses his mind and gets ready to even kill his own self as the 50th task. The creator says ” its a game to clear such idiots from our society”

The game appeared in Russia in 2013 after 16 deaths linking to this game the creator got arrested and was sentenced BUT the game was still on…
In Brazil 10 teens are in intensive care while 3 have lost their lives and 20 are identified playing… Not only this Argentina,Bulgaria, Chile,China,Colombia, Georgia, India, Italy, Kenya,Paraguay, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, United Nations, Uruguay and Venezuela have reports of cases linking to this game all of which have victims aged between 12-20…

In a survey I found that:
8 out of 10 people showed pity for the victims saying they are depressed and we can’t guess their mindset but they need help.
5 out of 10 people said that the creator is responsible for all of this as he has no right to play with the mind of such kids.
While 5 out of 10 said that its a person’s own responsibility to choose right from the wrong.

I only request all the people to stay far far away from such games , help others in need and share the awareness.
Thanks for reading and do let me know your opinion in the comments.



Have you ever seen ALONE written on anybody’s / yours dp or accessories or journal or vehicles etc etc if the answer is yes please read on…

I sincerely want to know who started this trend of scribbling ALONE anywhere and everywhere just because you have recently broken up or had a fight or maybe something similar to that. Who was that insensitive moron?

Now, I don’t have any personal problem with people who are sad, but isn’t it just hippocracy to write ALONE and get 60 likes? And the term itself is wrong, cause its not sad or depressing to be ALONE. People are (hopefully) alone when bathing! Its sad and depressing when a person is isolated or lonely, its sad when someone don’t have a shoulder to lean on.. These are the people who actually needs others not the one posting ALONE.

So, I request everyone who has ever posted ALONE, that if you think you are alone go out there and give your precious company to someone who is lonely you won’t regret it.


In the news

Hey, most of us have read news in paper or heard on television, or through internet as well! And all of us have some day read about natural disasters.
Natural calamities happens and causes many difficulties, we are lucky to get to know about them but when we read those news we just register the fact that a disaster has happened, we don’t feel it. Why is that so? Is it too hard or we have became so busy that we have no time left for feelings?
Let it be famine, earthquake, blizzard, tornadoes, flood etc etc we here about them but never feel the shudders of people facing them,the fear of them who are stuck in a place which once was their home, injured but helpless fighting for their every breath, fighting for their mere existence, fighting to live one another day… These are people who are like us just in difficult situation. Yet we can’t feel or even understand the emotional turmoil they must be going through..the emotional turmoil their near and dear one’s must be going through… Because… God knows why!
Friends, Natural calamities are much more that just another article in the news… Please be more sensitive.


MarC The great

Okay! I don’t know how to start this story which I’m about to tell. It’s just a story of my life, MarC’s life. And yes that is not my name. I’m sure moderators will delete this story. I just know it. Anyway I, MarC was born in a great place where there are mountains around but yeah I never set a foot on a mountain till now. The reason is, I’m lazy and come on, Mountains are dangerous place although a beauty, it is! My childhood was great. I had some great experiences with great people. Yes, I use the word “great” a lot. Everything is great on earth, isn’t it so? My saddest moment is the passing away of my grandma. I was about 5 or 6 years that time, although I remember her affections. I don’t want to make this story a sorrow story so let’s move on. Yeah like I moved on and here I am, teenager now passing time online. I have no idea what I’m going to do in the rest of my life. I don’t have a clear vision, I mean, of my life. By the way, I have a 20/20 vision :P. So I gave the title of my story “MarC The great” I ask the readers, Am I great? . It is the world who decides who’s great right? Great people become great with great deeds. So what about a person who works 24/7 to support a family? Is he great? Because world doesn’t recognize them. Yeah I question a lot. I’m a teenager and questioning is my habit. Although I know I won’t get the answer because it’s not a chat. It’s just something every people should ask themselves. The answer lies in our heart (not literally). That’s it. That’s my story. Oh ! I didn’t write much about myself.


Let it go…

Her eyes always look for him.

Her day begins with his name.

With a new hope to meet, talk, smile and laugh with him again.
She waits for him whole day that makes her restless throughout the day.
But that is not right what she is doing to herself.
Everything around her reminds of him and his talks appear in her mind.
Which are now gone away…
Even the Sun in sky reminds her.

Whatever she always misses and cares for..

She never gets back any sign of care in return.

She asked  herself, “you are just a star how can a star appear with the Sun?”

She counts hours and days without seeing him.

And can’t sleep well unless she talks to him.

More the time passes more she becomes lonely, sad and don’t know what…

Her smile is not like before,

her eyes are not shiny and hopeful now a days…

You can see her real smile, charming eyes only when he is around her…

Look! What is her reply when friends and family ask about her…

“I’m great, everything is well” and smile in the best way only to hide her pain.

She is losing herself day by day and thinks if it’s normal or some disease…

One more day passed without seeing him, without talking to him.

Her mind asks her to forget and kill this pain, her heart agrees to but, when her brain is sleeping the angels of her love dreams come and disturb her again.

She starts to imagine her love and want to tell him whatever she feels but, suddenly her brain wakes up and says “stop it you fool!”

What are you in front of him? He is so special, invaluable…and you?

You want to light up the candle but remember it can burn you all…

The heart gets scared and her brain locks her heart in a cage every night..

The Heart becomes sad and sadness comes out of that cage…in form of tears…

Sobbing in the lonely night she tries to console herself that

“All is well dear”

This is a phase…

Just let it go…

He doesn’t belong to you…

Let it go..let it go..


Delhi in the first glimpse

So finally Delhi kicks off its monotonous yet uniquely amazing struggle to survive. For hundreds of years she has been taking a sturdy use of the Delhiites.
For a new man like me, it can become a glitch just to cope up with the daily ups and downs, a roller coaster ride. From the dawn to the dusk and again from the dusk to the dawn, Delhi is a city which never stops or sleeps.

The honking and jams may deter you from being here for a while but in the evening you’ll find a solace better than anywhere in the world. From the glory of the Red Fort to the husstle of Old Delhi, everything here gets you the way nothing else can. From the punctual regime of DTC to the latency and slackness of the government officials, everything has a unique mix and a perfect balance. Delhi has inculcated everything in her and in the most meticulous manner, like a chef adding every flavor, from the most extreme flavors to the most soothing ones into an unfathomably rich dish.

Its diversity and vastness in every realm has won it a great many accolades from the writers and thinkers of every time. It is so enriched with the history culminated through the ages, that almost every single corner presents you with its own anecdote. A sweet aroma is seeping out of every crevice of this great city awaiting your interests and arrival.

Being a political and strategic center from as early as 500 A.D. has bought it a great opportunity to stay in this realm of constant change and adaptation. It has been the birth place of many great social leaders and reformers. And it has accumulated all of their legacies with success such as second to none. It has went through an era of fight and strife and yet remains to be pious in the ebb and flow of ambiguities.

It is as Mir Ghalib said-

“Koochey nahin dilli ke, auraaq-e-musawwir hain
Jo shakl nazar aayi, tasveer nazar aayi”

(These are not Delhi by-lanes, these are artist’s canvas
Every sight I see looks like a painting)


A Love of Literature

A love of literature does exist in everyone.
It is clear that not everybody could have a systematic study of Literature, but the buty of good poetry can be felt by ordinary people.
english Literature is indeed full of great names who have tried to teach us and help us understand.
Amongst other great names in English language and literature which would perhaps be prudent to refrain from mentioning for this article is not intended to reflect on that particular subject,some like Mr. Charls Dickens are well loved by all generations and it seems that this great literary figure of 19th century shall not be easily forgot.

It would be a great pleasure for me to write about the buty of literature and I will try my best to discuss greatest novels and lovely poems of English literature.
I shall be indeed so happy to see your coments!