English for Life

Hi guys! I’m Alice, I’m Italian girl and I’m 24 years old.
I’m full of dreams! Dreams nourish our soul.
And my actually dream is to became an English native speaker.
I’m studying very hard for it!
Since I was young I understood that English was something special for me! I really can’t explain how I feel when I speak, read, listen etc..in English.
And now, it’s THE TIME! Time to make my dream came true! 😉
It doesn’t matter if after being an English speaker I don’t use it (I hope this will not happen), but now I really really really want to do that 😉
If I’m Alice, I don’t live in Wonderland, and I’m not mad like my friend Mad Hatter…MAYBE… 😀
Okay I think that I wrote too much 😀
Thanks, and sorry if I made some typos.
Have a nice day! 🙂


Dream in a Dream

Hello everyone! I would like to share my amazing experience of dreaming in a dream last night. Its all fragments of memory I am remembering as you know dreams are easily erased but some remains in mind for a long time. In my dream I was getting ready and was packing in hurry to go somewhere. I rushed to railway station only to see that the train left. I was standing there alone then I said to myself I need to catch that train somehow and I started to run as fast as I could and to my amusement I started to fly higher and higher. I said this can’t be happening. I just posed like superman and there I was at the roof of the train. I felt weightless and cool wind that blows into my face. I flied near a window where my family who were in the train looking at me amazed. I knew I was dreaming because no one can fly like this in real life. Suddenly my mom called out loud and my dream broke. Then I started to talk about this dream with her and told her that I flied and it felt like real, this is called lucid dreaming (to know that you are dreaming). Then my brother came and said there are terminators outside the house. I couldn’t believe him but rushed to the front door. I saw real life size terminators and one of them aiming right at me. He fired and as the bullet touched my skin my dream broke once again. This time I was really awake and said how this could happen. I can’t believe two layers of dreams in a single sleep. Many of you would’ve such kind of dreams. This shows our brain activeness while we are asleep. Thankyou.


my dreams

Hi everyone. I’m new to this chat and I don’t know how to start. I wanna write about my dreams. My dream is travelling around the world. Because there are a lot of beautiful countries those are worth to see. I sometimes think if we don’t enjoy living why we need to live, people born and die, we don’t know how long we live, but we can make it more interesting and funny. Life is very precious. Some people die at early age still they do a lot of things, achieve their aims, do their best. But some people live very long without doing anything , nobody knows them. So I’m afraid of living as an invisible. If I travel I can make new friends. It will be so interesting, we can chat, travel , hang out, share funny stories and discuss our problems together if they like. To make these dreams come true I must learn English perfectly. So I joined this chat. I think it will help me and I can make friends. I’m not good at English. I’m beginner. If there are many mistakes, I hope you will help to change it.


Is There Any Other Way To Love You?

From time to time I ask myself
If there would be another way to love you
even more than I am doing now
Now and then, I still want to know
If there is any other way to shelter
these feelings that joined us…
My love , my dearest love
Sometimes I feel all I can give you is not enough
What you make me feel is so infinite
That words in any language can not even depict it
This beating you generate is so powerful
That I have to keep it under wrap
In order not to loose us
Cause this tenderness we have is so free
It is so unique
That I am afraid of letting it loose at any time.
My love, my sweet love
Would I be able to feel you deeper
than I am feeling now?
Would I be able to throw my heart to you?
Would you be able to reach it
and hold on to its softness?
My dear love,
Would it be possible
to transform my caresses into rainbows?
would it be possible to strew those rainbows
through your way?
My dear, how can I explain this to you?
I love you from a faraway place
In that place, your hands can touch
me without restrictions,
I love you from a remote point
where these verses make you mine
I love you from a dream
where you and me are just one…
My dearest boy,
Would you get to understand
I am a passionate soul?
Would you take the fact
you are the flame that keeps me alive?
From time to time, I wonder myself
If this lifetime is enough for such greatest love …