Tell me about the sky

I am all ears, my dear boy
I wish you could let your emotions flow
Tonight, I would like to be your listener and your guesser
After all, life is so short for us to live
Without any further delay
Tell me about the sky, the moon and the stars

I mean it, baby
I am here, just because of you
I am longing for listening to your voice
Tell it to me in whispers
Tell it to me in silence
Just tell me about the sky, the moon and the stars

I am willing to discover what is hidden between the blue sky
For you, I would try to steal the moon
If you allow me, I would even try borrowing some stars
In order to lessen your never ending, sleepless nights

Tell me about your dreams
I will get a magic wand to come those dreams true
Tell me about your fears

I will find a way to erase each one of them from your mind

I need to hear it once more
Tell me about loving
Tell me my name makes you still tremble

Word by word, I am willing to decipher your mistery
You don’t need to explain it more
Please, baby
I wish you could just tell me about the sky, the moon and the stars…

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