Life and Death

Life and Death

Once upon a time;
A beautiful creature was made;
Her skin as blue as the sky;
And eyes a green as the tree leaves;
Her hair as white as the snow;
And dress as bright as a sunflower;
Her name;
Was Life;
She created all the living things;
The plants;
The animals;
She even made humans;
One day she became lonely with just herself;
Another was created just for her;
His name;
Was Death;
His skin as pale as ashes;
Eyes as red as fire;
Robe as black as coal;
And hair as brown as decaying leaves;
He destroyed what she had made;
Killed her plants and animals;
Little by little they died;
But she still made more;
Her sad and lonely days;
Filled with happiness;
Until her precious humans;
Destroyed what she could not repair;
They destroyed and destroyed;
Until she was too weak to make more;
Death had fallen in love with her;
And with each missing piece of her creations;
There became less of her;
And once the last piece of her creation went away;
She became a pile of beautiful flowers;
That blew away in the wind;
Death became furious with the humans;
They stole away his perfect lover;
He made the magma inside her once beautiful world come up;
He flooded her land that once held meadows;
Nothing could stop him till they were all dead;
Once they were all gone;
He fell to his knees and wept for Life;
Everything went back to it’s home;
The water receded to the sea;
Magma went back the core of her world;
And death became alone;
After what seemed an eternity;
Death felt a light breeze pass him by;
And a light brighter than the sun;
When he looked over;
Life was standing there;
Death smiled and went to her;
He picked her up in his great arms;
And kissed her;
They both smiled;
And created a new world;
With no humans to destroy it;
And that’s the story;
Of Life and Death.

Hey guys hope ya liked! Its an original piece that surprisingly I made while I was half asleep! LOL. See you all around! Anime out!

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