Let it go…

Her eyes always look for him.

Her day begins with his name.

With a new hope to meet, talk, smile and laugh with him again.
She waits for him whole day that makes her restless throughout the day.
But that is not right what she is doing to herself.
Everything around her reminds of him and his talks appear in her mind.
Which are now gone away…
Even the Sun in sky reminds her.

Whatever she always misses and cares for..

She never gets back any sign of care in return.

She asked  herself, “you are just a star how can a star appear with the Sun?”

She counts hours and days without seeing him.

And can’t sleep well unless she talks to him.

More the time passes more she becomes lonely, sad and don’t know what…

Her smile is not like before,

her eyes are not shiny and hopeful now a days…

You can see her real smile, charming eyes only when he is around her…

Look! What is her reply when friends and family ask about her…

“I’m great, everything is well” and smile in the best way only to hide her pain.

She is losing herself day by day and thinks if it’s normal or some disease…

One more day passed without seeing him, without talking to him.

Her mind asks her to forget and kill this pain, her heart agrees to but, when her brain is sleeping the angels of her love dreams come and disturb her again.

She starts to imagine her love and want to tell him whatever she feels but, suddenly her brain wakes up and says “stop it you fool!”

What are you in front of him? He is so special, invaluable…and you?

You want to light up the candle but remember it can burn you all…

The heart gets scared and her brain locks her heart in a cage every night..

The Heart becomes sad and sadness comes out of that cage…in form of tears…

Sobbing in the lonely night she tries to console herself that

“All is well dear”

This is a phase…

Just let it go…

He doesn’t belong to you…

Let it go..let it go..

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  1. Nice one.. the way it started... Seemed throughout the article curiosity will get satisfied and thus to finish reading. But curiosity is still open.. the article is still not closed.. will there be a second part ? That will be amazing (y)


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