I wanted to be a writer

I wanted to be a writer,
Holding the pen, a fearless fighter.
But responsibilties drove me back,
To convert me into a worthless rag.
What should I do ??
Yep… I need to think
No thinking gives nothing but a fricking kink,
So I stayed and held my rage,
in hope for a unfathomable change.
Fuck!! It pisses me off
Hope doesn’t worths a chance
Do the efforts if you want to enhance.
In a corner of my heart,
I can feel a loud smirk of fate,
Laughing at closing of my goal’s gate.
Now is my only chance to prove,
To clear the mist of this fate’s grove.
To tackle the fate and change the road,
Stop acting like a human and be a god.
I can’t let myself down so easy
This tease of the fate…Yeah I have to change,
Now is the only chance to use my rage.

Yeah!!.. I am gonna chase my dream,
And what u gonna do fate…Scream??
I am a writer now,
Using my pen as a freaking Bow.

Get Up!! Because opportunity never waits…
It runs to close all your gates,
Run fast u can do it too.
Don’t take it as a story,
For it is true!!
I wanted to be a writer
A soulless, relentless fighter !!

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  1. In fact its sad when you are not able to follow your dreams due to responsibilities...

    You only can understand your real pain and situation I can only advise that you can still do it.. just manage both.. all the best!


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