I wanna stay

Babe, I aspire to find another reason to stay close in your life
I mean, I want my love to be irreplaceable for a little awhile
I wanna stay, my boy
I attempt to love you twice more
I am not talking about loving because you may be a perfect boy
As you know, no one is perfect, neither you nor me
I seek for loving you even twice than I do
So as not to let you go away from me
I wanna stay
Cause we both know everything makes sense when we are together
I wanna stay
so as to be your listener and your confidant too
I wanna stay
So that you may remember you are unconditionally able to rely on my feelings
I wanna stay a bit more
So as to claim for the way in which my heart has missed you
I wanna stay in order to whisper it to your ears
I wish I could talk softly today,tomorrow
I wish I could spend my time being with you ,as much as God gives us life …
I wanna stay
Cause you make each and every passing day
I wanna stay
Cause you are the most special person I have ever got
I wanna stay because you are a treasure I want to take care of
I wanna stay, babe
I wanna stay in your thoughts
I wanna stay in each of your heartbeats
I wanna stay
For not too long
I just wanna stay for a thousand eternal days more
I wanna stay over your body
I wanna go caressing your back, for good …
I wanna stay so as to explore your body a thousand times more and keep on making it mine …
I wanna stay
It doesn’t matter how long it may take
It doesn’t matter where this emotion may lead us to
What matters is that you are my everything
I wanna stay for ever
Let me stay within your heart, babe…

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