Dream in a Dream

Hello everyone! I would like to share my amazing experience of dreaming in a dream last night. Its all fragments of memory I am remembering as you know dreams are easily erased but some remains in mind for a long time. In my dream I was getting ready and was packing in hurry to go somewhere. I rushed to railway station only to see that the train left. I was standing there alone then I said to myself I need to catch that train somehow and I started to run as fast as I could and to my amusement I started to fly higher and higher. I said this can’t be happening. I just posed like superman and there I was at the roof of the train. I felt weightless and cool wind that blows into my face. I flied near a window where my family who were in the train looking at me amazed. I knew I was dreaming because no one can fly like this in real life. Suddenly my mom called out loud and my dream broke. Then I started to talk about this dream with her and told her that I flied and it felt like real, this is called lucid dreaming (to know that you are dreaming). Then my brother came and said there are terminators outside the house. I couldn’t believe him but rushed to the front door. I saw real life size terminators and one of them aiming right at me. He fired and as the bullet touched my skin my dream broke once again. This time I was really awake and said how this could happen. I can’t believe two layers of dreams in a single sleep. Many of you would’ve such kind of dreams. This shows our brain activeness while we are asleep. Thankyou.


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