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New York, New York. June 21, 2020. He just sat there looking down, listening to his music. His friend sat next too him, but I didn’t care about his friend. All I cared about was the guy. He looked familiar but I wasn’t sure why. The train I was on stopped, his friend stood up and tapped his shoulder. He looked up at his friend and his friend whispered something to him. I couldn’t hear what he said, but I didn’t care. His friend got off the train and the doors closed. Once the train started moving the guy turned off his music and took out his earbuds. I looked out the window behind me waiting for the train to stop and I get off. Someone had tapped my shoulder and i gave a small jump. When I had turned to see who was beside me, I was surprised at who I saw.
I looked to see if the guy was still sitting across from me, he wasn’t, then it all came together. I looked back at the guy beside me. His eyes as black as his soul, hair as red as flame. The tips of his hair was as black of his eyes were. He was wearing a black short sleeved shirt with a skull on the middle. He wore jeans that were faded out and black tennis shoes that looked fairly new. His name, Nick. How do I know him? We tried to kill each other once. Then we became friends.
Compared to him being 6 feet 8 inches, I’m only 6 feet 5 inches. My eyes were also black, but my hair is as blue as water. I wore a red hoodie over my black shirt. My jeans weren’t as faded as his but they were close to his jeans. His build is more muscular, he needed more strength than I did. I only needed a sword, whereas he fought with fists and knives. My build is more athletic.
“What the hell Stevie? I thought I told you to not to come here.” Yeah my name’s Stevie. Also, he did tell me not to come here. You may be wondering where here is. Here is Earth, we don’t come to Earth often, only when we need a break. It’s dangerous here, humans try killing us, if they find out our secret. That’s why he told me not to come. We never come in groups, usually only one person comes at a time.
“I’m sorry Nick, but since when did you tell me what to do?” I smirked at him. He looked really mad at me. “What did I make you mad?” Nick lifted his hand like he was going to hit me. It was balled into a fist, I was used to him hitting me. We used to fight all the time, and we never held back, it was always fun. My smile never faltered, not once did I flinch, nor did I look scared. He put down his fist and looked down.
“Why did you come? You know how dangerous it is here, how hard it is for us to fit in.” He looked at me then the train doors opened. I stood up and looked at him.
“I have to get off here. Come if you want, this is your only chance.” I reached back and grabbed my bag. He stood up and we walked out together. When we got out of the station, he grabbed my hand. I looked down but didn’t mind. I then looked up at his face, he looked a little fearful. “You’ve never been through here have you?” He shook his head, “Don’t worry, nobody pays attention to who’s around them, especially at this hour. I’ve gone through here a lot. I mean I’ve been on Earth for about six months now”
He looked mad again, as I had expected. “Six months!? How the hell have you been here six months? I’ve been here seven months. You left a month after me and I didn’t know?”
“I’ll explain when we get to my house. We can’t risk someone overhearing. Plus I have some questions for you myself.” I tighten my grip on his hand and we walked the two blocks to my house. It only took us five minutes. Nick watches me the whole time as I get under my porch mat and grab the key to my house. I unlock the door and open it, “Sorry it’s kinda a mess. I wasn’t expecting a guest.” When we walked in I turned on the light to the living room. It’s a relatively normal sized house. There was a hallway to the left with four rooms. The first two are bed rooms, the third is a bathroom. The last room is a kitchen. There is a small garage on the opposite side of the hallway. I don’t own a car, only a bike. There is a small yard in the back, a little area in the front. A driveway leads into the garage, I don’t use the driveway, and the garage has my bike and some storage in it.
“Well it’s not like I called you up and said, ‘hey let’s meet on the train and go to your house.’” He rolls his eyes and I give a small laugh. He tries to hide his smile, but fails to do so. “I missed you. I thought of you everyday. I actually thought you would listen to me.” There was a long silence between us. He looked away and down. I just looked at my wall, the pictures on it. He yawned, “How late is it? It’s gotta be like midnight right now.”
“Yeah, gotta be.” I smiled and checked my phone. Only 10:30? That’s odd. “Not midnight. It’s only 10:30. I’m going to go to bed though, I have to be at work by 8:00 A.M. First door on the right is a guest bedroom. You can have it, no one ever comes to my place. I’ll be in the room to the right. Only come in there if it’s a dire emergency. Goodnight Nick” I walked to my room and closed the door.
“Night Stevie” he said it just loud enough for me to hear in my room. He went in the guest room and closed the door softly.


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