My little adventure

I would like sharing my experience in the UK. I arrived almost 4 months ago, I’ve improved since my arrival but I don’t feel comfortable to speak with anybody. So I prefer writing. I should say that the weather here in England is so different than of south countries, and for this reason I miss sunny days. I think that we are lucky people to understand many things about English, we aren’t English native, and because I am Spanish speaker either, and it’s a popular language.
I found all types of people, nice and not too nice, but I want to remember only the best part of this adventure. I don’t know if there are more people in same situation, for example, when I speak – I speak slowly and I have to think many times before expressing something. Does it make sense for you? Do You have a similar adventure? Thank you for this opportunity.

Read you soon.


ME and my life

Hi Everyone, I’m Yuri and I am sixteen years old. I am an Asian and I don’t speak very good English but I want to learn and I have decided to write poems or short texts to improve my English.


-I have green eyes and black hair
-I love anime
-I love video games (btw I am a girl)
-Rock music is my life
-I don’t have friends :'(
-I love movies, series and comics


Need Help with a smile :)

Hi everyone! I’m Alley, a student of BS English literature. Actually I wanna improve my listening and speaking English. At this time, it is very difficult for me to take notes of lectures of those professors who speak English frequently. I am also not able to understand those class fellows whose mother tongue is English because they speak in a different accent. It seems very embarrassing for me. Secondly I want to be good at spoken English, effective writing and vocabulary. All these tasks have a lot of importance for my field. It is a pleasure for me if you guys teach me 🙂