School Bullying

The old gold bell finally rang announcing the start of the day.
Through the crowd, I kept my eyes on my dad until the sight of him faded away.
I quickly wiped a little drop of tear rolling down my cheek hoping no one was looking in my way.
Taking a long deep breath, I finally walked courageously towards my new classmates without any further delay.
But they were not in the mood to play and all they could see in me was just one of their next preys.
That was the first time I realised the only thing that could really help me out was to pray.
Spraying me with insults and assaults was their favorite game and they were not going to leave this battle midway.
This continued to happen every single day leaving a raging storm of fears in my heart and turning my whole world gray.
My head under their feet I felt all my dreams crushed below my unheard screams yet they said it was all hearsays
I was going insane every time their cranky laughter echoed in my mind. But perhaps it was too late to stop them from going astray.
All I could see in the mirror was a black blued face in blood with a half fainted smile trying to look okay.
For them, it was just a joke between kids. Little did they know that every blows and scars would forever stay.
From that Monday till today, a haunted life has never slipped away.

School Bullying on December 17, 2016 rated 3.5 on 5.0
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  1. amazing!

    probably it happens everywhere and mostly kids have to sail through it alone..

    I would recommend to understand kids and try to know if such things happening around them...

    however.. is it from a real story ?

    Thanks again for enhancing vocab of the readers!

  2. Hello Angela,
    You succeeded in choosing a different and a good topic. Many kids and even many adults and adolescents are suffering from bullying. Some bad people find it nice to make fun of others and mock them without being aware that one day they will know their fault and suffer from the same thing.
    We need to know how to teach our kids about confidence and being strong enough to face such people in a mindful way.
    Keep it up... Thank you!

  3. Hiii, someone told me that I should accept gratitude 😛 so here I am! I really appreciate all the kind words from EC, thank you very much 🙂 it feels great to know that you like my posts. I’m sorry for the vocabulary or grammatical errors I usually left. I`m glad that you correct or review my writings, plz keep it up.

    Secondly, Yeah! I was a victim of bullying at a certain point, so maybe I would like to hear from those who went through the same ordeal and how they were able to get out of it or help others…

    I wish you well in life.
    Stay blessed,
    Enjoy reading!!!

    Angela ^^

  4. School bullying , assaults , ragging in colleges, all are evils in our decreases the level of confidence among children and students and it is a big hindrance in educational development too..
    I like your choose sensitive topics..and you are a great writer..



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