Last Breath

It’s a story of two lovers, actually one, that somehow turned into two..we will see . It is said that if your heart is true and you have the desire to get something from your inner soul then even God will help you to get it. It’s tale of the time when there used to be king’s rule. There, kingdoms were used to be controlled by kings. Now here’s the story of unrequited love…

There was a kingdom ruled by a king who was supposed to be the most loyal and one of best kings who used to live with people like a normal human being not like a ruler. The king had a daughter . In his land, there was a blacksmith .The blacksmith had a son and both the princess and the boy were very dedicated to their works or studies. Time has passed and both grew up enough to go somewhere else for their further studies. Coincidentally, both took their admission to the same place outside the kingdom, another kingdom! They started their studies there and it was the first time the boy saw the princess(unaware that she is a princess). He was attracted to her, not only because she was gorgeous but because of her refined behavior, respect and studies. At the same time, she the princess was totally unknown to this fact that he was liking her much. As days passes by and since it was the end of first semester and soon a vacation time as they had their exams in next month.

On exam day,both have finished their exams and came out of the hall. He saw the king was there to see her, he was puzzled about who she really is, and when he learnt the truth that she is a princess he was shocked. He feels something for her and this could be love. He returned to his home after exam . He was like stuck in a situation like either he would pursue his feelings or not. So , He better thought to ask some advice from his friends and he’d tell all the matters to them. His friends advised him that he should tell everything to the princess whatever he feels for her, but how could he tell her? He was too scared that he would get punished by the king. If the princess said no then what? But his friends forced him to say it and not to fear, whatever would happen it would be good, just be positive. So he in place of talking face to face , thought to write a letter, and he did but later it happened exactly what he expected. The princess didn’t open the letter fully and without even seeing his name. She threw that letter and complained to her father about all that through a messenger.The king got angry and he restricted him from that university and told him not to return to his kingdom anymore. The girl tried to search for the boy who got the top score in exams, but she didn’t get any news about him. Unknown to her, the boy was ousted from the university.

Now the time has passed and the princess completed her studies . On the other side since the boy was restricted and couldn’t return home, with his ability and knowledge, he became the war strategy planner of the kingdom where the university was located.

Princess had to return but just that day , she received an information about the war between the two kingdoms and she was terrified and stuck at the present situation, it would be dangerous to live in the kingdom when there’s still war. So with a big risk , she decided come home and get out from this situation . But on her way through a secret passage , she was surrounded by troops of the enemy kingdom. The king planned to kidnap her to win the battle, the king has sent troops to capture her but the boy said this is a wrong way to win any war so he opposed. But the king had already ordered and he was not going to change his plan. The princess is the one whom the boy still loves. So , leaving the king , he went there to save her love and took the sword against the king’s men . He fought and fought endlessly to save her and send her home safely. He was surprised, “from where this power is coming”. Eventually he was severely injured as it was the last some breath for him. Meanwhile a message from the centre informing that the war has ended. Whereas he was just counting his last breath. At the same time such questions revolving on princess’s mind and so she asked “Who are you? and why did fight for me against your own soldiers ? The boy laughed, with a mass of blood dripping all over his body and he replied, “It was me who wrote that letter to you” and he took his last breath….

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  1. Hello Sid,
    Good job, I enjoyed reading your story. How many days did it take to think and finish it?
    I want to suggest you some corrections, but I'm not sure if you will accept them or not!
    I noticed that you mixed between the "present simple" and the "past simple"
    Here is a list of some mistakes, it includes other mistakes "not only about the tense":
    Time spent
    now started
    he doesn't know
    he gets
    nor can take in
    he writes
    boy laughs
    a news
    I only want to help because your story will look better after the needed corrections. I hope you won't be upset.
    Thank you for sharing it with us, Sid

    • hahahahah.....I know Blue...I had complete knowledge that I am mixing all and in school days ...I had learnt how to write a summary and even now, I know what to do but because of shortage of time ...I had to complete in , I mixed everything...even myself haven't read this 2nd sorry....I will try next time .


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