Just For Tonight

Please, let me be your favorite story
The one you always listen to before bedtime,
It does not matter if it fades away quickly
just for tonight, open up your entire heart babe

Let me erase from your memory all those doubtful times
Let me mend your peace
Really, I can do that babe

Please, allow me to fight against this loneliness
I can take care of you patiently
using this great spark you provoke in me

Do not try to find more reasons
I have been trying to find out how,
or why, any other explanation
but there are no answers for this amazing love

Believe me when I say I think about you
sometimes, I feel you are all I need, even more than that
It is difficult to define what we are feeling
As far as we can see, fate has chosen us to meet each other

I still do not know what is happening between us
all I know is my heart cries about this absence without relief,
if you are not near me

Just for tonight baby,
let me be your first thought
let me be the owner of your time
let me cover up your dreams
please, hold my hand,no restrictions are allowed

Just for this night,
let me be the unique shining star in your sky
give me permission to wrap up your soul

Just for tonight,
wanna feel our hearts beating in the same time
wanna feel this tale is a never-ending one

Just for tonight,
love me as if it was the last moment of our lives
Just for tonight,
let me love you as if no tomorrow will come.

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