An unrevealed story about feelings

It is said to be a true story.
Some time ago, all the feelings that dwell in our hearts were trustworthy friends.
By that time, wickedness was a noble emotion. Even though it had a bad reputation, goodness was its best friend.
Solitude was happy because she was surrounded by a great deal of friends.

Envy was happy by itself.

Arrogance felt like dancing on its tiptoes.

One day, a new resident showed up. It was known as love. It was said that it was the most powerful, pure, and sublime feeling of all times.

It had such strength that new comer showed that goodness and wickedness got impressed. Definitely, love had an admirable mettle.

For some unknown reason, loneliness started to consider love as its enemy.

Envy couldn’t stand that amazing new sensation.

Arrogance started to think no one else could be better than itself.

As time went by, goodness and wickedness became enemies. Both of them were crazy about love. On the one hand, Goodness gave an unconditional dedication to its beloved. On the other hand, wickedness tried all was possible so as to capture that light belonging to its beloved.

Solitude rejected the company of love. No one knew why but solitude started to set distance to everyone.

Envy started to harbor resentment against love. That new, self-righteous state made itself green of fury.

In spite of the fact that rejection was difficult to handle, love decided to live there for a while. One night, it said to himself that it had given its best. It was too sensitive to live in a place where it was an undesirable guest. Without saying a word, love packed all its belongings and went away.

Next morning, wickedness decided to visit love´s home. Last night, he had made a decision. Love was such a foolish emotion that it would be easy to deceive it . Whatever it took, wickedness wanted to force love to hold its hand.

Later that day, goodness decided to buy a bunch of flowers. That would be a nice gift for its steadfast beloved.
Solitude spied on its enemy. When it realized of the absence of love, it returned to its loneliness attitude.

Arrogance was satisfied with the decision love had made. No one was able to keep up with itself.

Time wore on. One morning, goodness found a letter. It was from love. Goodness felt excited about it. Love had great news to tell about.

Fortunately, there was a new place for living. It was located far away from heart. His new whereabouts was in our soul. That was a great place to stay.

At first, goodness didn’t understand the meaning of that letter. Living in a new, far off place like soul could have been a wrong decision. Love was expected to stay in our heart . Love was absolutely confused.

Afterwards, goodness came down to Earth. Love had suffered a lot. There was no choice. He realized of what it had to do from now on.

In the night, love sent signals to goodness. A pair of wings were given. Goodness followed love´s way. Life had a meaning being together.

Envy, arrogance, wickedness are still occupants in our hearts. That is the only place where they are able to inhabit.

Luckily, love and goodness are an invincible couple. That is the reason why the most majestic sentiments come from our soul…

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  1. what a great couple they are , then what would be their child ???
    when u get united in love , u can use all those devil habitant to ur own advantage .
    Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. to find the most pleasurous moment in life


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