Foot Steps

It was few days back when I was returning home at late night, the locality where i live, never noticed this silence. It had rained, still few drops were trying to wet me..

I was just walking and walking we got very few trees and some road side green decorations of plants.. They were wet and were seeming so happy, it was like not mine but their eyes were bright looking at me, they were extra green at this time. I believe rain made them awake else trees are supposed to sleep at night. Few street lights were shining on clean ground due to rain water, shops were closed, buildings were still and calm, no one was out, very few windows have light inside at this time, only a sound …

Only one sound, a ticking noise to my ears which suddenly made me turned back and I was frightened there was no one…. I saw just my shadow on the ground.. My body started to shiver a little, was it because of the weather or that fright ? Well I would say because of the weather as i would like to pretend myself brave at this late night.. Far away there was a deep dark too. My bravery was calling me to go there and enjoy that too.. But I refrained from going, it’s late , need to be in my room.

Then I started heading to the way where I was supposed to go. Hell! that sound again!! I keep walking pretending it doesn’t matter to me but I became slow hearing that sound again, as my pace become slow it also did the same. My eyes open wide with slight fear “someone is kidding me”.Β  I then turned back and imagined a few steps away there was me who was showing me hand with a sympathy, don’t be afraid I am your foot steps as and when i realized it was my foot steps only with a little echo which became noticeable in this peace. I mumbled “I hate you”.

I was almost have reached just few minutes to go, was thinking is it how when there will be no one on earth or is it how the nature should be! I was so happy enjoying extra green and excited plants, trees, rain, light, open sky, open ground, wet me, peace, bright eyes, frightening, the meeting my soul, the sound of my own foot steps & for hating myself with a cute anger.. As if i lived an extra life which no one was aware of.

Uff, there is no one with me to go inside lift… Come on I dont wanna remember those horror movies, I just want to meet no one just after lift opens up.. please!!

Just after it has open a wet wind blows in my face and made me more cool….

I just became statue for a while, closed my eyes said….

Thanks to everything and everyone who made me this capable to enjoy my moments πŸ˜‰


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  1. Hi there Cyclicious!!! I like your writing style. It is full of vivid descriptions. Besides, you explain the whole sequence of events in detail. Some phrases, such as extra green, extra life, among many others, are quite original. Thumbs up!!!!!! Fir milenge...

  2. Cyclone! Your imagination is always this much strong as if it is real. What makes it more appreciable is a sprinkle of reality in it. The thought behind it is something more than amazing.


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