Lasting Love

One day a girl and a boy were playing, talking, and laughing while they were walking along the path which led them to a food shop. They seemed very happy with lives. It seemed they have never disappointed before. They were too young to understand that lives always have the dark side always. The elderly shopkeeper thought while he was looking at the boy and the girl who seemed like not being just a general friend. They were about twelve. They were a childhood lover. The elderly shopkeeper thought back to his younger days when had the same ages as the two children. He had never thought he would have the life as today. He was very happy with his life at the time. Playing and having parties with his friends was his favorite. He had never planned to have a good future life. Today he lives alone in a small food shop which is very old. He was waiting for his last day alone quietly. This is because he did not trust any ladies who came to his life and he was not serious about finding someone to love forever. All the ladies he had were just for fun. He had never expected true love. He never got it and he never gave it to anyone either because he did not have trust, sincerity, and understanding to any ladies. So, please let him know what can make the lasting love happen. The trust, sincerity and the understanding are the right answer?

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  1. Dont get me wrong but...Lol but if he had a lamborghini and was filthy rich ..he wouldnt worry about finding true joking..not a nice joke..I know


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