I’m a Child of Divorce

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

You did not think about me, did you?

I was the burden and obstacle to the life you wanted to live.

All the years over custody battles in court weren’t really for me, right

You forced me to make a choice between you two without hearing my voice.

I was not wild; I was just a child with no proper guide.

I was neither bad nor mad; I was just broken for believing your lie.

You would not understand that expensive stuffs were not things I would die for.

I needed to see love within my family not the fight of you two going on all night.

Was it really just the monster you could see in me instead of your little loving daughter?

Mommy, you could never count the drop of my tears I hold from the fear of leaving you.

You could not even hear the pain I tried to bear with when you left me waiting with the promise that you would play my favorite game with me.

You would put on your make up and be busy at parties leaving me behind craving for the homemade pastries you had no time to make.

Whenever I looked at you, I could only see how lost you were worrying about how much all your shopping will cost.

Daddy, you could never hear my silent screams in my every single dream.

You would drive your car, getting drunk in bars.

Had you turned back to see whenever you used to go, you would have surely found me looking at you from the window feeling so low.

Only for once had you taken me into your arms, I would have reassured myself that you were there for me and would protect me from any harm.

If the news of divorce was freedom and celebration to both of you, for me it was a prison to desperation.

If you had the reason to cheer with champagne, for me it was just an erosion of pain.

If separation would bring peace to both of you, for me it was no less than an explosion to destruction.

But you guys never really care about how I felt, did you?

I was called your mistake without any fault of mine. It had actually never matter to you if I was fine or not.

You snatched the innocence from my childhood and the essence of my adolescence.

I hold that thought aching for years in my chest, when I learned that you would have rejoiced over my absence.

You made me the regret of your life, how could you just forget my existence? Had I truly never mean anything to you?

Mommy, daddy, parents serve as role model for their child!

But I had to tell you that you were anything I did not want to be

You took no steps when I reached out to you for help

You fell asleep when I complained I was living in hell

You never had any word to say when my world was falling apart

I don’t know where home is, I don’t even remember what I was looking for when I roamed the city streets alone in the dark.

I had only one wish which I had to relinquish.

You threw me into this mess, I didn’t ask for it

Thank you mom and dad, for being the biggest test I learnt to pass with time

Please don’t come crying to me begging for forgiveness.

It’s too late now, I can only hate you for letting me down

I have no regrets being punished for the thug life I led

But I hope you spend the rest of your days in shame without ever be able to forget that you have failed as parents,

While I try to make my place where I can start another tale in jail with a new name and finally built without guilt a home with people like my own

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  1. The Great writer Angela.. again a great piece of writing !! But its much painful.. by the way people can get a clear message from this article that every life is precious no matter it's yours or others' so we must take care of it... one other thing out of it... sometimes it's too damn late that it cannot be fixed. Bravo for the courage you put for this writing.. I can imagine how you would have been while completing it.. !


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