Hear me out

Hear me out
Why do I need to shout?
To let go of your doubts
I know you`ve never been so proud
And I don`t wanna be loud

Please hear me out
Stop keeping your head up in the clouds
Have your feet on the ground
We belong to the same crowd !

Hear me out
Don`t turn away from me now
You can`t think that I`ve let you down
All this guilt gonna see me drown

Just hear me out
I`m so tired of trying to make you feel that I’m around
Everything is over, I would better leave to never be found
My heart aches like another forgotten victim of drought

If only for once, you could hear me out…
But I`ll pray that it rains again in the town
Hoping you listen carefully to how it sounds
And figure out what it was really all about

Hear me out on December 16, 2016 rated 3.4 on 5.0
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