Is the social structure boon or curse

Right from the age I have known to analyze things without just agreeing to what parents say, I have had all these questions in my mind, I guess so; is for others.

The social structure acknowledges a man for his deeds only if he follows certain protocols which have been defined by our forefathers though only some of them has a real benefit to society.

Our society says get married with only one and live till the end .
It is the responsibility of man to take care of his wife and children .

Could u share some of the restrictions imposed by society directly or indirectly ?


Tomorrow is where death awaits

So, Who is it? Who is it? Its MarC The Great! I’m back Oh yeah! So tomorrow is the day I die. What would you do if you were to die tomorrow? If you are a student, would you take a leave from the school or university? If you have a job, will you take a leave from it too? To make it best day ? I began questioning again. I bet most of us would try to run from the usual chores that we used to have. The chores that we consider boring and exhausting (most of the people). After all, we don’t want to be bounded by work on the last day. The best (in my opinion) we could do is to thank our parents for the unconditional love, thank all the people who really shaped our life, donate all the wealth to the poor and needy (I have 10 rupees), recollect all the good memories and even bad memories after all, bad memories too shaped our life (in my opinion). And good memories are the one which brings satisfaction and smile to my face (The Great smile!). Last but not the least we should embrace death with no regrets. Ah! we need time for doing all of this ! So that’s why we need to take a leave from the usual chores? That’s a possible explanation. If it was me I would go to various types of restaurants. Taste every dish and I would spend the rest of the day having loose motion 😛 Loose motion before death, now who would want that? That’s why I’m great. Anyway what would you do? But “Tomorrow is where death awaits” doesn’t mean that we know when that tomorrow is coming. Would we? What’s the best we could do? I’ll give an answer to that. “Stop complaining about your life. Live your life to the fullest”. Great words right? Most probably someone else already said it. Like the incident with Helen Keller and her book “The Frost king”. Poor girl.


Many Times I think about my dreams…But actually I found that dreams have no limit.Every day we see a new dream and then we want to struggle to fulfill it..In fact the beauty of dreams is only when you can see the world with your open eyes…and face the reality..After that you fulfill what you desired for…Yes!..Life is an untold story with a lot of dreams..But never wait for the time to make your dreams true..Just take the time and make it perfect …
That ‘s it 🙂