All those things I have never said

No one knows what has has happened to my love…
All of a sudden, he has just vanished, without leaving any trace
Even though I might have lost his affection for some unknown reason my heart still needs to convey
All those things I have never said

I need to find a way
Even when I am having a hard time tracing new routes
There must be a path reaching out my beloved’s heart
I will scream out loud until I get to express
All those things I have never said

It is a secret promise I will undertake
I will spell it out
Letter by letter, phrase by phrase
I promise I will do my best in order to reveal
All those things I have never said

There go my memories
Here come his tears
Two hearts are being kept in suspense
By all those things I have left unsaid

It does not matter how much time it takes
It does not matter where we are
All I know is tonight he will hear
All those things I have never said

As life is so short, I shouldn’t wait for more
It must happen tonight, without delay
Tonight, a million raindrops will tell
All those things I have never said…

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